Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote last! Real life strikes again! We have had an absolutely crazy but absolutely fun few weeks! It started out with K doing sound for a wedding at our church on a Saturday (PM did not do the service, the family of the bride are friends of some of our church members and the kids have been in Awana for years and they asked to use our church but have their Pastor do the service), the Thursday of that week we had a bridal shower for one of the girls at church, kind of fun since they had already begun to decorate for the wedding!.....but back to Saturday we also had the local Misson's graduation (it's a Christian drug and alcohol rehab type program), prom (for which I was taking pictures of PM and C's son and his date in the morning and we also left the graduation early to get pics at the Grand March!), the speaker for our Bible Conferece was flying in that night (thanks to some good friends who went to pick him up so we could make our other activities!!) and the Conference was held Sunday (during Sunday School, Morning and Evening Services), Monday, and Tuesday. Tuesday evening after the conference we had to take most of the chairs out of the auditorium and set up the track for the Awana Grand Prix! Time trials were Wednesday and the race was that next Saturday! Both went well, we had a bit of a snafu with two kids coming in a half hour late ready to race (we fit them in since we hadn't started the actual racing yet, but it caused an issue for the scoring of the races and the heats of the races themselves....but we survived!). Saturday afternoon we tore down the track and got the auditorium ready for church on Sunday and the next Wednesday brought the Awana closing program, for which I was working on a slideshow of pictures that I had taken through the year along with some music. Stress! I had to restart the whole thing two or three times and when it was finally done for some reason it would hold a couple pictures longer and almost skip the ones right after that. Oh well! Not much I could do at that point!
I have also had some Fridays off work now and have been able to go to lunch with some friends and visit a few others. Tomorrow I am headed off for an afternoon of learning how to stamp and make my own cards!
I am quite excited for that, as well as for this afternoon! I was done working about three and K just got home and we are going to go to a benefit auction for a local Christian Ranch/Camp! We went last year and came home with some neat things....I am excited to go again!
Well, time to run and take the dogs out and K wants to stop at the ATM....I'll write a more coherent post soon! And post some pictures of the Grand Prix and things!