Friday, February 24, 2006

Lots of fun!~

Today has been a good day! I started the morning by sleeping in, after practice last night and then getting a phone call from the friend of ours who just lost her husband, I just couldn't get out of bed, I was just too tired!
Monster's Mom told me that she didn't have to go back to work after Monster's Dr. appointment at ten! That means that after Mr C and Miss M leave at 4/4:30 I will be done!!!
We are going to run to church and clean the mouse in K's computer there as he says that it has gotten pretty bad and hopefully catch Pastor to ask him a couple questions and then it is off to the T family's house again for a birthday supper and games for Little B! It definately won't be such a late night tonight though, they have a basketball tournament for J tomorrow and they have to leave before 6 am to get there on time! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!!! Then my big plans for the day are to clean the house, do my Sunday School, and maybe meet with Pastor and C to scan some pictures for their son's Awana counsel time on his trip to Brazil.
We took Miss M out for Chinese today, K only worked a half day, and we thought why not since it was just the three of us. She ate really well! She was spoiled by one of the waitresses too! She left the onions out on the side of her wonton soup, the sweet and sour sauce on the side of her sweet and sour chicken, gave her an extra fortune cookie, and some extra take out boxes. She kept calling Miss M a little princess and told her that she looked like the next Miss America! Miss M just LOVED it!
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!
Big hugs!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Pretty quiet day around here so far. The girls played nicely so I just let them play for as long as they were getting along. I had them help me make the pigs in a blanket and then we watched a bit of tv as they were cooking.
Last night was the last night of the Prophecy Conference and we had a good time visiting afterwards. After we left the church we headed over to the T families' house as B needed K's help with a project that he is working on. L made chili and fed us since K was out there to help. We finally headed home around midnight. I gave up on the idea of going to the Fitness Center this morning and went back to sleep after K left.
Tonight is the first of two talent nights at Awana. One of the girls in my group wants to play her saxaphone, Amazing Grace is the song she picked, I believe. I am nervous for her as she is more of a shy quiet girl, but I am excited and sure that she will do wonderfully well!
The girls are napping so I think I am going to go and try and close my eyes and relax for a bit while I have the chance.
Big hugs!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 Ok since I can't figure out how to post this the correct way to make it a link, I will try it this way. Just a little something that looked like fun so I decided to try it!

btw, long story on the name used there, it is a nick name that a friend gave me a looong time ago...

Am I Coming or Going???

Yawn...I am so tired!! This week is a busy one for us, of course we made it a little worse Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning, but it was just so much fun!
Friday was K's birthday and we started the night out by going over to my Mom's for supper. We got a phone call just before we left to go there from LT saying that the cousins they had invited over for games for the evening had cancelled and asking if we would like to go over after we were finished at Mom's. We agreed to go and left Mom's around 8 to head over to their place. We looked at counted cross stitch patterns, some music to pick out a song for me to sing in April because BT is going to play the piano for me, and then played a game of Tribond and almost a whole game of Beyond Balderdash. It was great fun! We finally headed home at 3 Saturday morning!!!
We got up around 8 or 8:30 Saturday morning, and I grabbed a shower and worked on my Sunday School while K ran up town for something and grabbed some lunch from the Chinese restaurant. We ended up having to make a quick stop at the Dollar Store and Fareway (since the Dollar Store didn't have any pretzel sticks) so we could make a snack for Sunday School the next morning. We had the story about the good shepherd and so we made little lambs out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks afterwards. We got to church around 3 so K could work on some things on the computer and I knitted while we waited for the man who is doing our special meetings to call so he could come in to church and K could get him set up with his computer for the power point that he had on the topic he was speaking on that night. He called around 3:30 and came in to church around 4 and after getting things set we visited with him until people started arriving for the Prophecy Conference at 6. LBT asked if we could go back out to their house after the meetings that night, but we all decided that we needed some sleep!
Sunday morning we had to get to church early for K to get this guy set up with the computer again, so I went to bed as soon as we got home Saturday night! After the morning service LT asked what we were doing for lunch and we ended up going out with them for a breakfast buffet and then going out to their house for games after we had changed and let the dogs out! JT helped me put the sandwiches together that we had to bring for the potluck after the evening service that night and we played most of a game of Trivial Pursuit. Not without the manditory Mt Dew and M&Ms and Rolos to go along with it though! I was WIRED Sunday night, and to prove it woke up EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR that night! I was dragging Monday! Thankfully Monday was already established as pajama day so we spent the day hanging out and watching movies all cuddled up in our pjs. Of course a bit was lost for me as I had already gone out, worked out at the Fitness Center and gotten a shower before changing back into my pjs for the lounging. But the kids enjoyed it so that's what counts!
We had to be at church early again last night, we were there around 6:15 for the meetings at 7, and I practiced piano while K got some things ready and then got the man set up with the computer again. The meetings were really good, once again, I just can't seem to write fast enough to keep up with the notes! I am learning alot though!
Today I am finishing up a couple loads of laundry that I just didn't get finished last night ( soooo very thankful that Mr. C is back in school today!!! It is just harder to get things done around here when he is bored. Thursday and Friday went pretty well, but yesterday he just didn't know what to do with into trouble and took more supervising than normal. He needs the structure of school. And in the summer I can take them out to the park, or in the yard and let him run off the energy, but now it's hard when they don't bring boots or snowpants, or even hats for that matter! But that's a whole other post lol!) The last of the meetings in the Prophecy Conference is tonight, and then tomorrow is talent night at Awana. Thursday brings Prayer Meeting and Worship Team practice after that. I think I will be ready to crash Friday night!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Bored again!

Well, as you can see I got bored again and changed the look of my blog. I am enjoying playing with the different looks now that I have figured out how to work with them all.
I got the Precious Moments counted cross stitch pattern book that I won on ebay in the mail today. I love the patterns in it, I am going to have a hard time choosing what to stitch first....well, first I have to finish the one I am working on for my brother in laws wedding, so I guess there is plenty of time to decide. Maybe that is what sparked my Precious Moments look here too.
Little C is here today so his Mom could go and get her cast off. Another family from church came for a visit today too. K wants little T used to other kids and people as he is clingy to Mom and Dad. He did really good today, and I told her that we should schedule another visit, start off slowly, having her here and she and I can talk while he plays to start off getting him used to it before just leaving him.
We are going to go to have supper with Mom tonight for K's birthday. It will probably be an early night, it will probably be the last for the next week or so! Hopefully I can sleep in in the morning too. Hopefully I can get some knitting or stitching time in too.
Well, I need to make a couple phone calls, so I guess that is it for now.
Big hugs!!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snow, snow, snow

It looks like we are in for alot of snow starting late tonight! They are predicting up to a foot or more and blowing snow on top of it. Monster's Mom paid me and said don't count on her coming in tomorrow, and Mr C and Miss M's Mom was concidering taking a sick day as well. K will most likely be staying home if we get that much snow too! For one reason, I don't trust his car on a good day like today, let alone in all that, and number two, because I will have to shovel all this lovely stuff by hand so he can get out there and help, and three, because I may have the day off otherwise, he may as well be home and join me right?
I will get pictures if we get all they say we will......I really hope not, but it sounds like its a sure thing.

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out comes the parachute Posted by Picasa
Monster hands out her valentines Posted by Picasa
Mommy and Monster watching kid hand out valentines Posted by Picasa
Miss M joins the fun Posted by Picasa
Monster enjoys cookie frosting fun Posted by Picasa
Monster and Miss M getting ready to listen to a story at the big daycare's Valentine's Party Posted by Picasa
A picture that I had forgotten to post for Holli! After your post about Faith's play food knife, I found this toy knife in the kid's toy kitchen set!! Not as scary as Faith's, but still what are people thinking??? Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006


I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! We got the kids out the door and headed to the wake for our friend. It was hard enough, but when we walked in we saw R and J, our former pastor and his wife. R came up and shook our hands and looked us in the eye and talked for a couple seconds, but his wife was a different story. Three times we walked into a room she turned and walked out. I wasn't real thrilled with the thought of seeing them, but I was willing to put all the drama aside and go to be there for my friend. It showed me just what holding onto grudges and drama will do for you, and reminds me how thankful I am that I let it go. Honestly it may sounds corny or silly, but I actually look at this whole situation with their drama and leaving the church as the best thing that has happened to me! I have grown so much, I honestly feel like a completely different person and I have gained so many friends and adopted family, and had so many fun and new experiences because of it! I have learned how to knit, gone snowtubing, become more comfortable singing solos, I have come along way in overcoming my shyness in meeting new people and public speaking (thanks to an Awana counsel time!), and I feel that I have grown alot in the Lord. Aaaaaanyway.....
We found out more about the accident that our friend was in. The guy who hit him was towing a 20 foot bean drill that he had just bought and was told not to move because it didn't have the correct tires on it. The guy got in a hurry and decided to move it and a tire blew and the bean drill swerved into our friends lane and pinned him in his truck.
His wife and the boys were getting ready to eat and saw the ambulance go by. They stopped to pray for whoever was in the accident as they always do and J the oldest asked, What if Daddy was in an accident? She couldn't figure out why he would ask a question like that and soon the sherriff's car was in their driveway.
It has made me stop and think about how thankfully I am for all I have. Definately a reminder to tell your loved ones that you love them every day.
I got my set of five Jesus Freak books on Saturday. I also won a Precious Moments counted cross stitch pattern book for 98 cents plus shipping.
We went to a Valentine's Banquet with a group from church Saturday night too. It was alot of fun and the proceeds for that were supposed to go to a youth group trip, but they gave it to my friend who lost her husband instead. Pastor and the guitar guys were the musical entertainment. They also had Jeopardy and we did so bad! We were lik 1200 in the hole and for the final Jeopardy they let us wager all or nothing so we made it back up to zero! They had door prizes and K and I each got a book, I gave mine to the T girls as it was more for teens. C got one of the table decorations and insisted I bring it home, she said her boys would just tear it apart.
Well, it's about time to switch the laundry so time to close for now.....big hugs!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


We found out last night that a friend of ours from the church that we used to go to was killed in a car accident on Monday.
ALTA VISTA --- Jim Scott, 35, of Alta Vista, died Monday, Feb. 6, as the result of an automobile accident; services pending with Hauser Funeral Home, Charles City

Jim Scott

ALTA VISTA - Jim Scott, 35 of Alta Vista, died Monday, February 6, 2006, as a result of an automobile accident near Colwell.Funeral services for Jim Scott will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Faith Baptist Church in Cresco. Pastors Dave Wolfinger and Rick Kielb will officiate. Burial will be at ‘the farm’ near Alta Vista.
Friends may call at the Hauser Funeral Home in Charles City from 4-8 p.m. Friday. Visitation will continue Saturday at the church an hour prior to the service.James Wesley Scott was born January 28, 1971, in Des Moines, the son of James and Sally (Perdue) Scott, Sr., a former pastor of Temple Baptist Church. He graduated from Charles City High School in 1989. On October 16, 1999, he was united in marriage with Christine Treichel. They moved to the Alta Vista area, where they are currently residing. Jim was manager of the AutoZone store in Charles City.Much of his life was consumed in collecting and trading things. He went from stamps, to fine china, to guns and coins, and even to a few Dodge vehicles. There was nothing Jim would trade for his favorite collection - his boys. James put value in things that mattered most, including family and his personal faith in Jesus Christ. He was a Sunday School teacher and deacon at Faith Baptist Church in Cresco. Those that knew Jim know that he is with his Lord today and we can only be jealous of him. Jim was a loving husband and father, a true family man and the dearest friend.Living family members include his wife Christine of Alta Vista; two sons, Jacob and Elijah, both at home; a soon-expected child; his parents, James and Sally Scott of Maynard, Minn., formerly of Charles City; two brothers, Sam (Jami) Scott of Cresco and Paul Scott of Maynard, Minn.; two sisters, Sarah and Mary Scott, both of Maynard, Minn.; and long-time friend, Ben (Paul) Miller of Saratoga.He was preceded in death by his infant and his paternal and maternal grandparents.The family suggests memorials in lieu of flowers.
This guy had two sons at home and a third child on the way. She doesn't work and was homeschooling, but I'm sure all that will change now. He was only seven years older than me...his wife is my age. This one really hits home. What would I do without K??? I am somewhat in the same situation as I really don't pull in all that much income with the little job that I do have working at home. And I can't imagine his poor wife haveing to deal with the birth of their third child by herself...she has had home births for both of the boys, I don't know if she will for this one, although I am sure that all the plans have been made.
This is the second of three or four vehicle accidents that have happened around here just this month. And in three there have been fatatlities, young people that have been killed. There was a 45 year old man killed in a semi accident, the truck he was driving hit a patch of ice and he missed a turn and was killed instantly, this accident with our friend, and Tuesday night there was a young family that rolled their car at around 1:45 in the morning and was not noticed until around 7:30 Wednesday morning. The father was ejected from the car and killed, his two year old daughter stayed belted in the car but was killed, and his eight month old daughter stayed in the car and survived. They took her by ambulance to the hospital in town and soon helicoptered her out to a larger hospital. I have not heard any more about her condition.
It almost makes you afraid to get in the car and drive. Honestly. If it were not for the faith in my Lord that I have I think I would really be a mess. I know where our friend is and I know where that two year old little girl is, what breaks my heart is thinking about the families left behind who may not know the Lord as their Savior and have no hope.
Otherwise everything has been sort of a blur. We had our play day with K2's kids today. Now the girls have had lunch and are napping. Hopefully the afternoon will go quickly and the kids will leave early and then we are off to Prayer Meeting and then Worship Team practice. I don't know if I will go work out in the morning or not, it just depends on how late we get home.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I was bored....

Well, my ADD kicked in again and I found a new template to use for my blog. What do you think of it?? I found a few more that I may use later too, but this one is my favorite...the song that plays is one that we do with the Worship Team too. Hopefully it isn't too much of a pain for you all to navigate around with.
I started doing some light weights yesterday with the knee that I hurt skating on Sunday. I did a bit more this morning and I think I over did. It aches, I iced it and took some ibuprofen and that has helped some, but it still bothers me some. Ahh well, could be worse.
Monday night we went and watched BT, MS, and CS play basketball at the Fitness Center. BT played at 6, then her Mom and I had 15 minutes of walking, MS played at 6:30, and CS played at 6:45. They all played really well. I enjoy going and watching the kids play!
Last night I was in bed just vegging and watching tv by 7! I felt like I was dragging all day so I just wanted to relax and do nothing....not something that happens often around here ha ha! I did a bit of reading and watching tv, and we turned the lights out at nine and almost as soon as my head hit that pillow and I pulled the blankets up I was fast asleep. Lol such excitement in my life!
The kids get out of school three hours early today for a teacher inservice. Next Friday there is no school for a teacher compensation day since they will be staying later for parent teacher conferences, and then they have no school on the next Monday for President's Day. I don't ever remember getting that many days off! Too bad I can't get work days off like that!!!
Awana tonight, it is store night and the kids get a piece of wrapped candy for each section they say. Next week is Uncle Chuck night...he is an awesome artist that uses some glow in the dark paint and paints as he teaches the kids a lesson. I saw him for the first time last year and can't wait to see him again this year!
Well guess that's all that is going on in my little quiet corner here.....just wish it would warm up!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

The new 'do" Posted by Picasa

Busy weekend!

This weekend was a fun one, it didn't go exactly as I had planned, but it was a good one anyway.
Saturday I had planned to get up and get going as soon as K got off work and go to Wal Mart to get my hair cut and colored. Well, just as we were heading out the door my Grandma called and wanted us to bring the dogs over to see my cousin's daughter. I groaned but I went (my Grandma and I have our issues~she is very controlling and gets highly upset if I make decisions that she doesn't like.) We had wanted to be there at 11, but finally at 2 we headed out for the half hour drive to get to Wal Mart to get my hair and our shopping done. I get there and find that there is an at least 40 minute wait for me to get in to get my hair done...wouldn't be so bad, but we drove up with my parents and we didn't know if they wanted to hang around that long! They said they were ok with it so we went on with our shopping. It took a good long time for me to get my hair done~base color, highlights, and a trim~and then I had to grab a couple pairs of jeans and finally grab something to eat (I had only had a muffin all day when we were at my Mom and Dad's) I came home and cleaned a bit of the house and made brownies for Sunday afternoon (Super Bowl get together) and got my Sunday School done and then I was out like a light.
Yesterday we went roller skating after church with a group of friends from church. It was alot of fun. I ended up quite sore at the end as on one of the last few laps I was holding one of the little girl's hands and she started to fall and I kept her up, she started going down again and I kept her up, and a third time she started going down and I kept her up again, but the fourth time she started going down and it was just too much, I went down hard on my knee. It was swollen when we got back to the T's house and they gave me some ice and K1( who used to be a sports trainer) had me doing some streatches and things and today actually it feels pretty good. It's a little achey, but otherwise I can bend it, which it hurt to do last night. We all sat around and watche the Super Bowl and ate and played some games for the rest of the night. K and I were home a bit after ten and got started all over again this morning. Lots of fun!
I was taking pictures of church for Pastor to give to the newspaper (they put pictures of the churches in town along with the church schedule and they were still using a pre addition picture so we wanted to give them and updated one) so why not share with you too??!! Posted by Picasa
flowers from K Posted by Picasa
flowers from K1 Posted by Picasa
My birthday balloon from the T girls Posted by Picasa
My birthday balloon from K Posted by Picasa
Casey with Little C's blankie Posted by Picasa
N at the award assembly at school Posted by Picasa
Mr C with his award at the award assembly Posted by Picasa
B at the award assembly at school Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Today has been an excellent day!! The girls were playing really well so we decided to go and get BT some birthday balloons to give to her at Awana tonight. The girls were ANGELS!!!! They didn't touch anything, they said please and thank you, and listened so well! I let them split a cookie before lunch. They played really well together the rest of the morning and they ate their lunches wonderfully! I didn't even have to fight Monster about going to sleep!
Tonight is crazy sock night at Awana. It should be a fun night. I'm going to wear my blue striped toe socks, I think I will take my flip flops along to wear there since you have to be able to see them for them to count for the points. I'll feel like a big old dork, but hey, why not it's for a good cause huh?!