Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Am I Coming or Going???

Yawn...I am so tired!! This week is a busy one for us, of course we made it a little worse Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning, but it was just so much fun!
Friday was K's birthday and we started the night out by going over to my Mom's for supper. We got a phone call just before we left to go there from LT saying that the cousins they had invited over for games for the evening had cancelled and asking if we would like to go over after we were finished at Mom's. We agreed to go and left Mom's around 8 to head over to their place. We looked at counted cross stitch patterns, some music to pick out a song for me to sing in April because BT is going to play the piano for me, and then played a game of Tribond and almost a whole game of Beyond Balderdash. It was great fun! We finally headed home at 3 Saturday morning!!!
We got up around 8 or 8:30 Saturday morning, and I grabbed a shower and worked on my Sunday School while K ran up town for something and grabbed some lunch from the Chinese restaurant. We ended up having to make a quick stop at the Dollar Store and Fareway (since the Dollar Store didn't have any pretzel sticks) so we could make a snack for Sunday School the next morning. We had the story about the good shepherd and so we made little lambs out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks afterwards. We got to church around 3 so K could work on some things on the computer and I knitted while we waited for the man who is doing our special meetings to call so he could come in to church and K could get him set up with his computer for the power point that he had on the topic he was speaking on that night. He called around 3:30 and came in to church around 4 and after getting things set we visited with him until people started arriving for the Prophecy Conference at 6. LBT asked if we could go back out to their house after the meetings that night, but we all decided that we needed some sleep!
Sunday morning we had to get to church early for K to get this guy set up with the computer again, so I went to bed as soon as we got home Saturday night! After the morning service LT asked what we were doing for lunch and we ended up going out with them for a breakfast buffet and then going out to their house for games after we had changed and let the dogs out! JT helped me put the sandwiches together that we had to bring for the potluck after the evening service that night and we played most of a game of Trivial Pursuit. Not without the manditory Mt Dew and M&Ms and Rolos to go along with it though! I was WIRED Sunday night, and to prove it woke up EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR that night! I was dragging Monday! Thankfully Monday was already established as pajama day so we spent the day hanging out and watching movies all cuddled up in our pjs. Of course a bit was lost for me as I had already gone out, worked out at the Fitness Center and gotten a shower before changing back into my pjs for the lounging. But the kids enjoyed it so that's what counts!
We had to be at church early again last night, we were there around 6:15 for the meetings at 7, and I practiced piano while K got some things ready and then got the man set up with the computer again. The meetings were really good, once again, I just can't seem to write fast enough to keep up with the notes! I am learning alot though!
Today I am finishing up a couple loads of laundry that I just didn't get finished last night ( soooo very thankful that Mr. C is back in school today!!! It is just harder to get things done around here when he is bored. Thursday and Friday went pretty well, but yesterday he just didn't know what to do with himself...got into trouble and took more supervising than normal. He needs the structure of school. And in the summer I can take them out to the park, or in the yard and let him run off the energy, but now it's hard when they don't bring boots or snowpants, or even hats for that matter! But that's a whole other post lol!) The last of the meetings in the Prophecy Conference is tonight, and then tomorrow is talent night at Awana. Thursday brings Prayer Meeting and Worship Team practice after that. I think I will be ready to crash Friday night!

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holli said...

I swear, as crazy as my schedule is.. yours may be more hectic!!

I wish it were pajama day every day!!!