Friday, February 24, 2006

Lots of fun!~

Today has been a good day! I started the morning by sleeping in, after practice last night and then getting a phone call from the friend of ours who just lost her husband, I just couldn't get out of bed, I was just too tired!
Monster's Mom told me that she didn't have to go back to work after Monster's Dr. appointment at ten! That means that after Mr C and Miss M leave at 4/4:30 I will be done!!!
We are going to run to church and clean the mouse in K's computer there as he says that it has gotten pretty bad and hopefully catch Pastor to ask him a couple questions and then it is off to the T family's house again for a birthday supper and games for Little B! It definately won't be such a late night tonight though, they have a basketball tournament for J tomorrow and they have to leave before 6 am to get there on time! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!!! Then my big plans for the day are to clean the house, do my Sunday School, and maybe meet with Pastor and C to scan some pictures for their son's Awana counsel time on his trip to Brazil.
We took Miss M out for Chinese today, K only worked a half day, and we thought why not since it was just the three of us. She ate really well! She was spoiled by one of the waitresses too! She left the onions out on the side of her wonton soup, the sweet and sour sauce on the side of her sweet and sour chicken, gave her an extra fortune cookie, and some extra take out boxes. She kept calling Miss M a little princess and told her that she looked like the next Miss America! Miss M just LOVED it!
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!
Big hugs!

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holli said...

Who wouldn't love that???

I'm glad you always sound so happy on your blog! :)