Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Beautiful days and yucky colds

Blech! I have come down with the cold that all the daycare kids have been ever so generously sharing around. Yesterday I was just miserable, today I am just tired!
I have gotten a little bit of stitching done on my patriotic piece and am now catching up on a few things that I didn't get done over the weekend and Monday with hubby home. It was good to have him home, but he can really throw off the routine! Ahh well, I am doing pretty good on catch up today. Besides, he did get the Christmas lights taken down and I didn't have to go out in my miserability and help!
Sounds like it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL day today so I hope I can get the kiddies out at least for a little bit. Will have to see how I feel. Maybe I can nap with the little monsters for a bit......

Friday, March 25, 2005

I think I've got it!

Can you believe it, I think I actually got it! now I should be able to share my stitching progress with you all! And then there are always the cute pictures of my niece and nephew lol!
My miniature poodle, Teddy, "helping" me at the computer! Posted by Hello

Almost finished!

Wow! What a day! Actually, what a week! I don't think that I have seen K for more than a half hour at a time, and usually that means us talking as I try to prop my eyes open and try to stay awake. Good meaningful conversation there!
Tonight I think that we actually have an evening free. We may go to Wal Mart and pick up a few things. My allergies have decided to kick in full force and I only have enough allergy pills to last until Tuesday. We also need to get some paint and possibly a few other things for our Awana Grand Prix cars.
I am down to the last soldier and then the last little bit of flag on my patriotic cross stitch. I really wish that I could figure out how to post pictures here and then I could show how much I have gotten done. The nice thing about this piece is the minimal backstitching too. Then I have some lettering and it is off to the framer with it. Now, I don't normally send my stitching off to the framer, K being the do it yourselfer that he is. But this is a very special piece. This piece will have the name of a soldier who was killed in the war and will be sent off to his family. http://geocities.com/americansoldiermemorialproject/ is the link for any of you other stitchers out there who would like to do something like this. I have enjoyed doing this piece, but so many color changes have driven me crazy! I am also very excited to get this done as it will be my first finish for the year, and I can then start my next piece, which is to be a thank you gift.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Ok so I decided that it was time for a change. No longer can I stand to look at the unoriginal title to my former blog. I needed something different, something that doesn't say hello I am boring and can not think of anything more original. My blog will still be about the same things, just hopefully updated more often. Tonight K is at a meeting at church so as soon as I get off this thing I will park myself in front of the tv and watch the Amazing Race and stitch on my patriotic piece. I am determined to get this finished in a small amount of time, I really want to move on and work on my oriental piece that is going to be a thank you to S and B and the girls, but if I do that this one will get put on the side and not get done by its due date. And this one is a MUST finish!
K worked on our Awana Grand Prix cars last night. I think mine should be good, now just to get it painted and the sticker on. If I can figure out how to get pictures posted on here soon I will post one of it when it is done.
Speaking of pictures I got some cute ones this weekend at Grandma's Easter dinner and today of a couple of the daycare kids. I would love to be able to share those too. Well, the stitching is calling so off I go.