Wednesday, May 25, 2011

  Nothing much exciting going on around here today.  Bubba had tummy troubles.  Poor little guy would burp but his tummy was still so tight and he just wanted to be held all day and when I could get him down Little Miss decided to act up and be sassy so she spent her fair share of time in the time out chair today.  Bug showed up unexpectedly and helped keep her happy for the morning, that was a big help....

  But at lunch time I went to get something out of the freezer and noticed that the ice cream on the top shelf was now dripping down onto the shelf below and onto the floor as I took the box out.  Turns out the whole refrigerator was dying.  Thankfully it waited to die completely until after the hubby got home from work, but he had to go out and buy a new refrigerator.  We got a decent deal.  It's smaller than my side by side that I had, but we do have a chest freezer now so the small freezer isn't such a big deal.  It did force us to do a bit of spring cleaning in the refrigerator I guess, but this is just not the way that I had planned to spend my evening!

  So yeah, it's pretty much been one of those days that if it could go wrong it did, and I was ready to go back to bed by about 8 am, when my work day starts at 7!  Thinking it's a good day to head off to bed early!

  Hope you all had a better day than me! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful flowers out our backdoor.  The red building is our neighbor's workshop in his backyard.  He is a very talented wood worker!

The neighbor' workshop and the flowers again.  I loved the lighting on these that day.

The same neighbor's front porch.  He is quite a decorator!

The bald eagle's nest from the famous eagle cam check them out we've been watching since they were first laid as little eggs.  They have been mentioned on many news channels including CNN and people from all over the world are watching them.  They are about 20 minutes away from me.  If you look carefully/enlarge this picture you can see one of the parent eagles heads.

This little owl crashed into my front window.  Flew right into it, we don't know if something was chasing him or if he just didn't see it.  It was around noon or one in the afternoon.  He sat on my porch for about 45 minutes collecting himself and let me open the front door just a bit to stick the camera out and get some pictures.

This picture is to show his size.  We found later that he was a full size adult.  He is a saw whet owl.  After sitting there for the 45 minutes or so he pooped on the porch and flew away!

I love the "wink" here!

I won a facebook contest with Canvas People with one of his pictures. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

  Yes, once again I have been a bad blogger, very bad blogger.  I knew it had been a while since I had blogged but I didn't realize that it had been March when I last blogged!  

  Lots of things have been changing around here.  The most fun being that Little Miss now has a baby brother...Bubba...and he has been coming full time now and he really takes a lot more of my time and really, who can resist a chubby, snuggly, smiley baby?!  Not me!  And of course Little Miss has regressed a little bit needing a bit more of my time (including smacking me in the face this morning resulting in a time out for her!).  Fun fun.

  I've been busy with pictures.  I finished senior pictures and a graduation slideshow.  I am working on pictures for a website, editing pictures for a baby dedication and two sets of family pictures that I took on Easter as well as our fun "family" pictures on Easter.

  The Awana year is over, two of our BIG projects came right at the end of the year and RIGHT before Easter causing me lots of stress.  Hubby is in charge of our Awana Grand Prix, the kids get a block of wood, similar to the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby cars, and they build their cars with their family, have time trials and weights and measuring on the Wednesday night before the race during game time, and then on Saturday (the Saturday before Easter fun fun) we have the big race in the morning from 9 - 12.  Lots of time spent decorating and getting helpers sorted, races lined up, hubby had two actual race cars parked out front, and then of course you have clean up afterwards.  Our Pastor had a reporter come from our local paper and our Awana Iowa missionary came to be our speaker and help to present the race awards.  It was a lot of fun but a lot of stress and work around our house.  And you know I was there taking pictures!

  And then there was our closing program where I have taken all the pictures I have gotten throughout the year and put them into a slideshow with music for a video to show the parents/families what the kids have done through the year.  We try to make sure that everyone shows up in the video at least once.  With 70 some kids, some who I don't know or recognize by name especially in Sparks, that gets a little interesting!

  I am still teaching Sunday School, although this too brings some change.  Sunday will be my last week teaching the Jr. High class.  I have been the "lead teacher" and helping to prepare a new teacher to teach on his own.  It has worked well as I have had to "sneak out" of class a few times for different reasons.  But now our 1 - 3 grade teacher has requested a break so I will be sitting in on one last class for our new teacher in the Jr. High class and the next week I will begin teaching the 1 - 3 grades with the start of the new quarter.  I am looking forward to it, although I do have to admit being a bit sad and thinking about how I will miss teaching the Jr. High kids!

  Vacation Bible School is coming up in July and the sign up sheet for teachers and other help has gone up on the bulletin board.  One teacher had signed up, for the fourth grade class so I wanted to decide which class I wanted quickly so I could have my choice.  I went and signed up tonight when I was doing a couple other errands and I chose the 2nd grade.  I'm excited!  It will give me a chance to get to know some of my class a little better, and be a different age group than I have had the last few years in Sunday School and VBS.  The last two years I have taught 5th grade and then 6th grade.  I figure I might as well embrace the change, right?!

  The high school baseball season officially starts tomorrow and I will be going to as many games as possible to get some pictures for some friends' son's pictures, he will be a senior next year.  And I need to be working on senior pictures for him as well as pictures to send to his aunt for his graduation scrapbook.  Never a dull moment.  I'll be slowly starting to take some of his senior pictures over the summer and school year too.  Our schedules are both so busy with work and other activities it looks like we'll have quite a few "mini" photoshoots to get them all in.

  Anywhoooooo that's what's going on around here.  I am going to try my best to write more often and I am thankful for those of you who have kept in touch with me and prodded me to blog and post pictures while I've been away.  Rebecca Jo I'm praying for you and your family!  And Brandi you have the most adorable family!  Great to see pictures of them and the projects you've been up to!

  I'll post some more pics soon!