Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful flowers out our backdoor.  The red building is our neighbor's workshop in his backyard.  He is a very talented wood worker!

The neighbor' workshop and the flowers again.  I loved the lighting on these that day.

The same neighbor's front porch.  He is quite a decorator!

The bald eagle's nest from the famous eagle cam check them out we've been watching since they were first laid as little eggs.  They have been mentioned on many news channels including CNN and people from all over the world are watching them.  They are about 20 minutes away from me.  If you look carefully/enlarge this picture you can see one of the parent eagles heads.

This little owl crashed into my front window.  Flew right into it, we don't know if something was chasing him or if he just didn't see it.  It was around noon or one in the afternoon.  He sat on my porch for about 45 minutes collecting himself and let me open the front door just a bit to stick the camera out and get some pictures.

This picture is to show his size.  We found later that he was a full size adult.  He is a saw whet owl.  After sitting there for the 45 minutes or so he pooped on the porch and flew away!

I love the "wink" here!

I won a facebook contest with Canvas People with one of his pictures. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Tara G. said...
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Alice said...
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gejala penyakit kista said...

yeah owlet and flower that beautiful