Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm still here

I know I know I haven't been posting again....real life just seemed to take over there for a bit. I did manage to finish knitting one scarf and I started a new project, a gift for Jen, lol which when I first started to type this I gave away, but caught myself before I hit publish lol! When that project is finished I am going to knit a gift for another friend. She loves to decorate with patriotic things and I saw some Sugar 'n Cream yarn in Early American Ombre and I knew that I had to do something for her with it! I looked on the internet and found a pattern for a dish cloth with a star pattern. It's all knitting and purling and I really like that they give you the option of the directions by sets of rows like Rows 1-5 K1P1 across, ending with K1 or they give you the pattern row by row. I think I am going to use the row by row option so I can cross each row off as I go along because I know how often I will be interrupted and think now where was I??!!

We had a bit of a sleep over with some of the daycare kids the other night. I got a call from Miss A, Slow Mo, and Little C's Mom asking if I could watch the kids about a quarter after 7 Monday night because they were taking their older sister to the hospital an hour away. She had a head ache that she just couldn't get rid of and after being to the local ER and not getting alot of answers, just meds that made her sleepy but didn't get rid of the pain, they decided to take her to a bigger hospital to rule some more serious problems out. The drs up there called it an a-typical migrane and gave her fluids, three different meds, and sent her home after she was feeling better. They finally got home around 1:30 Tuesday morning. I was going to just keep the kids until they woke up in the morning for school, but Little C woke up after having an accident and I didn't have any clothes to change him into, so Dad just came and picked them all up. I was exhausted! It took a while for the kids to get to sleep, they were so excited to be having a sleepover!! I had them all out on the sofa bed and they watched a movie turned on the naptime music once that was over and they finally all did sleep. I tried to lay at the foot of the bed and sleep some, but the boys kept kicking me in the back! K slept for as long as he could in the recliner, but finally gave up and went to bed around 12:15 (poor guy has to get up at 4:30 for work and the recliner isn't the most comfortable to sleep in...I really appreciated him sticking it out for as long as he could!) and after that there was definately no sleeping for me.
I didn't have any kids yesterday so I slept in a bit, but refused to take a nap so that I would be able to sleep last night. I lasted until 10pm and then I couldn't take it anymore! My head hit the pillow and I was out and didn't move until 6:15 this morning!
I've also been helping a friend get ready to open her new quilt shop. We had one in town, but they moved to a neighboring town and there are many who miss it, so she decided to rent a space on main street and open her own! I think it is a perfect fit for her, she does alot of quilting, and she used to be Amish, giving her shop a unique little fit. I have been entering her fabrics into the compter for her and picking out some that I want to use at the same time!! I am close to finishing my first quilt and can't wait to get started on more with some of the fabrics she has in the shop!
Well, this is getting terribly long so I guess I'll quit for now.....hope you all are having a great day! Big hugs!

An award!

Jen from Following the Footsteps gave me this award! Thank you so much Jen! It really means alot!!! It's my turn to pass it on now....I choose to give it to:

Steffie B. at ~Never Too Many~

Erin at Callie and Avery

Dani at Dani:Black Belt Stitching Wizard

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and Jack's Mom at Jackaroo World

Thanks again Jen!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm posting and it's not Friday lol!

Labor Day weekend was GREAT! K took me shopping and bought me some new tops in a neighboring town and a friend had two boxes of easy piano music that she was getting rid of and gave me the first chance to go through and pick out any that I would like. I came home with one box full! I got alot of "oldies" music...books of hits from the 50's, 60's, and 70's and a few from the 80's and '00's. I think there are a couple of country hits books in there too. One of my favorites has quite a few songs from Disney movies and my favorite...Return to Pooh Corner! Yeah, I'm a big kid!
We survived our first day of preschool for Mr. T and R yesterday. It will be a bit interesting about lunch time. R will be getting off the bus and Mr. T will be getting on at the same time. We will have to do lunch in two shifts. It will be a bit nicer though, I was expecting one bus to come to drop R off and a half hour or so later another one stop to pick Mr. T up. Maybe this will make things a little less hectic.
Awana really begins tonight! We had a club night last week, but no sections were said, it was a get to know you night. I've already promised the girls that they can listen to my sections as I work through the book right along with them, as long as they are doing their sections. They seemed to like that!
Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great day today!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Catching up again!

I guess I have a thing for blogging on Fridays huh?! I have been working on a couple of big projects that had to be done this week. I completely finished the first one and did my part on the second and now that they are all done things will get back to a more "normal" schedule. Whatever that is!
Our Awana year has officially started and I have a good group of 5th grade girls. I really enjoyed my first night with them!
I am also officially done teaching Sunday School. It is going to be a change, but I look forward to what I will learn and how I will grow attending the Ladies' class. Another one of our changes this year is that we will not be having our opening singing like we have in the past. We have had to move some classes around and one is in the back of our main auditorium, where we normally hold our opening, and we don't want to interrupt the class so for now no opening. We are hoping to get one room remodeled and the class can then go back into that room and we will have our opening again. I will help with that when it starts up again as the other teacher that has worked with me is gone often, and when she is there we hope to use her to play piano with some of the music for the kids. That is also the time we use for our Junior Choir to practice and at times we have parts and we need the extra teacher to help lead groups if they have different parts.
I have picked up a bit of a new job in Awana though. We are making quite a few changes there, a new database for all of our recordkeeping (which was what one of my jobs get all the clubber and leader information typed in so it would be ready for our secretaries to use on our first club night), character studies for our council times, songs to match the theme, our theme nights to match if possible....lots of new things to try! We have also split up our music between four people instead of just one person doing it. This month is my turn. We are starting out with some songs that we learned in Vacation Bible School this summer. It went really well the first night!
Well, I need to get working on some PowerPoint so I had better stop babbeling! Have a great weekend!