Friday, September 04, 2009

Catching up again!

I guess I have a thing for blogging on Fridays huh?! I have been working on a couple of big projects that had to be done this week. I completely finished the first one and did my part on the second and now that they are all done things will get back to a more "normal" schedule. Whatever that is!
Our Awana year has officially started and I have a good group of 5th grade girls. I really enjoyed my first night with them!
I am also officially done teaching Sunday School. It is going to be a change, but I look forward to what I will learn and how I will grow attending the Ladies' class. Another one of our changes this year is that we will not be having our opening singing like we have in the past. We have had to move some classes around and one is in the back of our main auditorium, where we normally hold our opening, and we don't want to interrupt the class so for now no opening. We are hoping to get one room remodeled and the class can then go back into that room and we will have our opening again. I will help with that when it starts up again as the other teacher that has worked with me is gone often, and when she is there we hope to use her to play piano with some of the music for the kids. That is also the time we use for our Junior Choir to practice and at times we have parts and we need the extra teacher to help lead groups if they have different parts.
I have picked up a bit of a new job in Awana though. We are making quite a few changes there, a new database for all of our recordkeeping (which was what one of my jobs get all the clubber and leader information typed in so it would be ready for our secretaries to use on our first club night), character studies for our council times, songs to match the theme, our theme nights to match if possible....lots of new things to try! We have also split up our music between four people instead of just one person doing it. This month is my turn. We are starting out with some songs that we learned in Vacation Bible School this summer. It went really well the first night!
Well, I need to get working on some PowerPoint so I had better stop babbeling! Have a great weekend!

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