Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Never a dull moment! Kids are fun!

I am feeling bad because I have not been here to blog as much as I would like, but real life has just taken over. Tater is needing a bit more of my time and I'm not complaining, he is so much fun and has gotten quite the little personality! Yesterday the little character jumped off our front porch into one of the bushes! It's not a very big jump or anything but it was funny, I could just see his little gears turning. I was standing in the yard with the other kids and K was sitting on the porch steps and I had just looked over and said "Tater don't even think about it! You come over here and come down the steps" and the next thing I know boing off he jumps into the middle of the bush, looks at K and I and starts to whine a bit! Stinker! I told him I didn't feel too bad for him, I told him not to do it! He wasn't hurt or anything, but he was stuck in the middle of the bush and couldn't get out! Yeah, that's pretty much a normal day around here lately! Tater and his older brother T keep me wondering! I love it!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ugh drama

I've been doing alot of thinking over my little break from blogging and a few things in real life and I have come to realize a few things. I realized that there are two main people who are causing all of the "drama" in my life. I'm not writing this to necessarily "out" anyone or make myself look better than anyone else or make myself feel better, but I learned something about myself during all of this and I just feel the need to write to sort everything out, you know what I mean...I'm still trying to process a few things.
I had distanced myself from one other person late last year after twice she had gotten me mixed up in some of her drama, which her information turned out to be false both times...this person's drama was not little stuff one point she had the police involved and soon after that asked me to lie to her parents about her whereabouts for her....I still have "polite conversation" with her, but I am by no means rushing out to spend a great amount of time with her...and she still seems to resent me for not lying for her. It seems as if she is running from a great number of things and my heart breaks for her. Someday she is going to make a decision that she is not going to be able to take back, and there will be something that she greatly regrets. I know she doesn't have the best home life, but who does?! I most definately did not, but you persevere (unless there is honestly some abuse or you are in physical danger) and get through it and as adults my parents and I have dealt with some things and have come to a sort of an understanding....we are not a real close knit family, I have a few members of my church family who I feel are more family than my actual family, but we have a relationship and we are doing our best.
But the two people that I am dealing with stings a bit. I deal with both of them quite often in many different church and social activities. I am not going to shut them out completely either, but it is sort of strange to look at them now....Person A has alot of family issues. I have always known that and just accepted her for who she was and have always taken some of what she says with a grain of salt. She likes to use alot of "big words" and it's a matter of self importance, but we all have our moments and I can look past that and just know when I need to give myself a little space. But these moments are becoming more often and "bigger". She has started spreading false things about some of my closest church family because she does not agree with some decisons that have been made. Her family has been causing more issues with more and more people in the church, causing hurt feelings and they have said some very unkind things. She is one who "answers" our Pastor during his message, lots of Amens, yes', and mmhmmms.
Person B is someone who I have spent quite alot of time with in the past. I have found lately that she is becoming very judgemental. Things are always black and white. And very harshly, very quickly, and almost angrily. I understand that we need to hold ourselves to certain standards I guess...but if a person has an issue she may judge them as non Christian. If a person drinks, well they must not be a Christian or not a very good one and she will look down on them from then on. It's a holier than thou type of attitude. And she has made statemtents about how she is glad that she doesn't have this issue like that person or make comments condemning that issue with such force....
She is not shy about spreading these judgements either and one her mind is made it is set, you can NOT convince her otherwise! She has now started hanging out with person A and another family that person A hangs out with alot and they have started spreading stories together now. And again this newest story is about one of the people I am closest to in my church family, and indirectly about a second. Person B did not even come and ask me if it was true, she just latched on to it and went running. When she did ask me about it the question came out as more of an accusation, with this tone. She was all "What's the deal about....." and giving me this look. I don't know if she believes what I had to tell her, but I told her the truth. She talks about Person A behind her back all the time. I'm sure that she is talking about me too, but that's not what hurts. I'm the type of person that you can say what you want about me, it hurts, but whatever....but when you start messing with/talking about my friends/family that is when I start getting upset and want to "fight back".
I honestly feel like I am back in high school. People are stirring up drama just to stir up drama. Just to have something to talk about, something to fuss about. Honestly, if this is how Christians are behaving how is this any different from the "world"??!! How is this showing Christ to the watching world??
I am thankful for the wonderful Christian examples that I do have in my life. I am thankful for the wonderful relationships that I have in my life and the terriffic friends and family. I just hate the drama and having to distance myself...I am happy to have some wonderful friends that I can lean on during this time and for all of you reading all of my blabbering while I try to understand and sort it all out. It's been a year of learning for me this year, about others and about myself....I hope and pray that I become a better person and a better Christian for it!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wonderful day off!!

I had a great day off yesterday! I really didn't get anything accomplished, but it was nice to be out running errands and just hanging out with the hubby and our best friends! We started the day off by sleeping in and just after we had gotten up and around my Dad called and K and my Dad were off to work on the truck that Dad has in our backyard. Just as they finished PM needed K to go and check out a moped that he was thinking of buying...since I had the day off I tagged along and got to visit with a couple people from church who just happened to be uptown at the same time. It was nice to get out and visit with some adults!
After we had lunch with another friend (during which I hopefully stopped some drama from going on, but that's a whole other story....ugh!) K and I went for a nice little drive. We both like to go for drives, but for two very different reasons! K likes to see if he can find new roads and new places to go and see if he can get himself lost. I like to take the camera along and stop along the way and get pictures of flowers or whatever we find along the way.
I got to do a little shopping at a consignment botique that just opened up in town and found a brand new dress and two tops for ten dollars!
About 5:30 PM picked us up and we went for an all you can eat chicken/fish fry in town. It was good! After a quick stop back at the house to drop off one of the boys we were off to do some shopping in a neighboring town. We had a great time! We went to Slumberland Furniture to look at a chair....the most fun was sitting in all of the floor models and checking out all of the different colors and fabrics that they had....I found a couple of comforter sets that I would love to have for my bed too!! After that we were headed to Wal Mart...we met a few people from town and our church while we were there and found some good deals too.
Today I have been catching up with the work that I didn't get done yesterday. K's brother and his two kids stopped for a visit and we are going to go to my parents' house for supper because it is my Dad's birthday today.
They are predicting some more snow and winter weather for us Sunday into Monday. I hope it misses us! I am SO tired of snow!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Finishing projects!

Wow, this week has flown by! Mr. Tater has been a bit clingy and I think that he may be teething...maybe some two year molars...and I have had a couple of big projects that I have been working on for church. I think that both of those projects have come to an end for now. One is for our Awana program. We were looking into buying a new computer program for our recordkeeping which would also give us a contact list with the childrens' pictures to put on a laptop. We have had a couple cases where it would have been very helpful little girl's parents were late picking her up and she wouldn't tell our Commander her name. She finally told me her name, but she had a hard time remembering her last name and she didn't know her new phone number (apparently they had just moved) and we had another situatio where we couldn't get ahold of Mom and Dad and we could have used the emergency contact, but the person with the informational papers had gone home. I printed off 20 pages of reports to show our Commander and with a 30 day trial I started entering information and just today got the order out in the mail to order our subscription key.
The other project was working with a few people so we can get our church website up and running. I have written quite a few emails back and forth between the person who is going to host our website and the person who is now going to put the information up. I now have to burn another cd of pictures for the website and I think my part is done.
I am still working on the hymn book index and trying to catch up again on laundry and printing birthday and anniversary cards for this week but I am seeing an end to it all!
I got off early this afternoon, 4pm!, and found out that I have tomorrow off too! K has the day off and it sounds like we have a couple of errands with PM, but other than that we don't have much planned at all. I like those day!
I have a couple other little things to work on like this week's PowerPoint and hymns, writing a few emails, and looking for some music for PM. Nothing that will take alot of time, but just enough to keep me busy.
Sounds like we will have Chinese for supper and then we are off to prayer meeting tonight.
Hope you all are having a great day!!!