Friday, April 28, 2006

The cutest thing I have heard today.....Little C running to climb up the slide..." You wanna piece of me slide, huh?" in a low growly voice while shaking his fist at the slide!

Some scarier things I have heard/read between last night and this afternoon...the lady from church who is teaching me to knit was pinned between her car and a door when she was going to pick up a friend to go out for supper last night. She has sixteen stitches in her hand and hurt her knee. The girl who cuts my hair, her husband, and daughter were in the car parallel parking when an older man going at least ten miles over the speed limit hit them essentially totalling their van. The driver's side door was pushed in and unusable...all were a bit bruised and batttered and sore, but are fine thankfully...and Holli getting hit yesterday and spending a fun filled evening the the ER.

I am praying for you all and hope everyone is feeling much better soon!!!!
Ohhh this is going to be a fun day. It is only about 8:30 in the morning and my day is already "one of those days". It started out at six when K's car wouldn't start so I had to run him into work...after I come home I grab my shower and make the bed and head downstairs to get ready for the kiddos to show up. M wakes himself up early to study for a test (btw I must brag on him a little bit here...after being worried that he would get an F he got an A on his Science review and an A+ on his Science test, he missed one but had two extra credit! Way to go M!!!) and while I am helping him go over some of his vocabulary words I have to keep getting after Mr. C and Miss M for wrestling on the couch and injuring one another. Not so bad.....Monster gets here and I can tell right away that she stinks, so I mention it and Mommy changes her pants, but not without the sufficient fit from Monster and the obligitory trying to get the messy pants all over our jeans and shoes by throwing our legs around.
I put two pop tarts in the toaster for M for breakfast and one breaks in half and half falls on the floor as I take it out of the package. Then when I go to get the toasted ones out of the toaster the other one breaks in half and the bottom half gets STUCK in the toaster! I couldn't get it out no matter what I tried, so I give M what I have and send him off to eat.
Mr. C goes to get ready for school and ends up getting the zipper split and stuck on his jacket, Monster's Mommy and I both try to fix it but just can't do it so I send the partially zipped child off to school instructing him to just pull the whole jacket over his head when he takes it off and puts it on, and to just leave the zipper alone. We'll see how that goes.
We get back from dropping the boys off at school and I have to stop Monster's fun of standing on the couch and jumping up and down and get her to recommence that fun on the floor instead and run upstairs to get the second load of laundry...I look at the clock and am reminded that I need to call K and ask him if he will still be able to get off at 2:30 because I need him to stay with one of our friends' kids since she will be here to pick him up while I am still on the after school run and I lay down on the bed thinking that the dog potty smell seems really strong for some reason. I am laying on my stomach with K's pillow that looks like a can of Hawaiian Punch and notice a large wet spot on the comforter by my arm...yep one of the dogs decided to pee on the Hawaiian Punch pillow and missed most of that and peed on my bed!!!! So as I am calling K I strip the bed of all the bedding and carry it all downstairs to find Miss M and Monster almost in a knock down drag out over Miss M's pink plastic bracelet!
Can I go back to bed yet?? Did I mention that it's supposed to rain today? No outside playtime for us if that's the case. :( And A and A and the boys are coming over tonight with a cake for M's birthday and I really need to clean the house and get the laundry done? Yeah, let's hope that things get better from here!
Thankfully K will be home at 2:30, I layed beside the potty spot on the bed and not on it, and I amazingly remembered what time K's break was and didn't have to be told by the operator lady to call back in a half an hour when he was actually on break (although it sounded like she may be having one of those days too as she was a bit short when normally she is very nice!).
Well, I feel much better now just had to get that off my chest. The joys of having a blog and having the internet to complain to!
Big hugs! and Keep smilin'!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It has been quite a week around here. Sunday Pastor got a phone call telling him that his brother had died. They didn't come to services that day, another former pastor came from a town about a half hour or so away came and spoke for the morning service. Pastor preached the evening service and afterwards talked to us about keeping M (their youngest son) while they went to New York for the funeral, which we said of course to. So we have had M since Tuesday after school and he will be staying with us until Sunday sometime.
M has been excellent, he kept my daycare kids busy playing a game with them for a good half hour this morning. And last night he was given five dollars for his birthday (which was yesterday) and he promptly put it in the offering for the Awana closing program without thinking twice! I almost cried.
We are going to take him out to eat tonight at a restaurant that he has asked to go to, possibly a trip to Wal Mart afterwards. Tomorrow night his oldest brother A and his wife and two boys are going to bring over a Dairy Queen cake and spend some time with him.
The Awana closing program was last night. We had a good turn out, I will miss S, the one clubber that I had on a regular basis. I will be a bit lost without Awana in the schedule, but we are moving prayer meeting to Wednesday nights instead of Thursdays and we have one more leaders meeting next Wednesday to go over some things and clean out our totes. I'm sure that we will find something to fill up that extra night now...especially with summer coming. Did I mention that K and Pastor are teaching me to golf? Yep, didn't have enough full time so I had to go and find something else to do, ha ha! So far it has been alot of fun...I lost our one plastic practice ball in the neighbors lilac bushes across the alley! We went and got some more but just haven't had time to go out and practice since.
Well, almost time to run and get the boys from school so I better run.
Big hugs!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You are White Chocolate

You have a strong feminine side with a good bit of innocence thrown in.

Whether your girlish ways are an act or not, men like to take care of you.

You are an understated beauty, and your power is often underestimated!

You Are a Light Pink Rose

You represent sweetness and grace.

Your vibe: Kind and gentle

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love with a best friend

Your Alias Should Be:

Madelynn Malia

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, things are looking up here again...although if I had the chance this morning I would have one less daycare child! Monster's Mom's tax appointment is tomorrow and this morning I gave her the year end statement for last year...bear in mind that the December of the year before she came to me and asked me if I would work with her on payments. I agreed and thought it would be a short time kind of thing, but ohhh SIX MONTHS LATER at the end of MAY I FINALLY got paid in full! At it's highest at the beginning of April the woman owed me $346.78! Well, she flips through the pages and she finds the total for the year....$3,144.51. A week or two after telling me how thanful she was for not having to take Monster to the daycare center that she works at because it is too expensive this woman looks at me and looks at Monster and says Monster, Mommy pays WAAAYYY TOO MUCH FOR YOU!!!!! I wanted to tell her that she could take her to the center from now on and then tell me how she paid WAAAAYYYY too much when she gets her year end statement next year, but I bit my tongue. I have been told that my rates are too cheap and that I need to raise of the leaders of the playgroup we go to gave me the number of the homedaycare advocate, I guess that's what you would call her, so I can find out the general average for hourly rates here in town and will most likely be raising my rates just hasn't been done yet as I changed my hours so that I was done at 5pm instead of just sitting here waiting for Monster's Mom to come and pick her up whenever she was ready to....I thought that one big policy change at a time should be made so I didn't shock the parents too much. What are my rates you ask? $1.75 an hour for the first child and $1.00 an hour for the second. This includes lunch and snack as well as the occasional breakfast and runs to school in the morning, after school in the afternoon, playgroup on Tuesdays, and a regular playday on Thursday with some friends. Last year on my taxes...I broke even exactly. Has me thinking this is ALOT of work to break even......
Anyway. End of rant there. Hate to do it, but it's my blog and I can cry if I wanna!
The first knitting night went well on Monday. K2 couldn't make it so it was just J and I, but we had a good visit. I really hadn't talked much with her since she left for Texas three months ago! Last night piano went well, I am actually looking forward to practicing when I get done posting here. It helps having a good teacher!
A group of 24 of us(12 married couples) went to see a comedian at a right to life fundraiser on Friday night and then out to eat at the Maccaroni Grill afterwards. It was GREAT!! The comedian was Paul Aldrich, he was hilarious!!!! We bought one of his cds there and he autographed it and when we got home we ordered the rest of his cds online. We hope to buy the dvds soon too, but the cds were first as we could listen to them on the go and it made more sense since we aren't home alot to watch the dvds. One of my favorite bits was the nursery rhymes set to different famous bands's songs....oh and there was the dyslexic love song....soooo funny!
Well, time for the girls to color and craft away....have a great day!

Friday, April 07, 2006

I dunno

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately...I just haven't felt like I have had much to say. I don't know if it is the rain and the lack of sun or what, but I have just been kind of down lately. Just not feeling like myself. Maybe I'm coming down with something, I don't know. I haven't even been stitching, knitting, or reading lately! Very strange!
The kids have been pretty good lately. Monster has toned down her Terrible Twos/Threes attitude and been pretty good again. It still flares up every once in a while, but it is not near as bad when it does. She has even started speaking in three to four phrases on a subject rather than just a short couple of words here or there or one sentence answers. That is good to hear, I just wish that her pronuncitation (I guess that's what you would call it) would be better, she is saying more words just still having trouble with the same sounds. Her ds sound like gs, a double t in a word like button sounds like bukkon, other sounds like oger,I just worry that it is her hearing or something.
I gave C the Precious Moments that I stitched for her and she loved it. She said that she would find a place for it. I offered to stitch her another one since she had the one that was so similar, but she said no, she wanted to keep it. I'm glad she liked it, I was a bit worried!
J is back from Texas so knitting nights will resume again soon! I can't wait! I have had some troubles with some of my scarves in the fun fur, so I am anxious to see if we can remedy the problem!
Well, guess that's about all I have to say...hope it wasn't too boring!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question (SBQ)
Do you stitch "on the go?" (On the commute to and from work, duringyour lunch break, waiting for the kids, etc.) If so, do you have aspecific "travel" project or do you just grab whatever you happen to be working on and take it with you?

I do stitch alot on the go. I stitch while K is driving alot, the half hour to Wal Mart, or the hour to hour and a half to his brother's (depending on where we meet them) and alot while I am sitting in the car waiting for the kids after school. I usually just grab whatever I am working on at the moment.
I also do some knitting and reading during those times as well. I find that is the time that I can get the most done. Less interruptions!

Something Fun

I borrowed this from I'm a Stitcher...Get Me Out of Here

RealJukebox hero...Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.
How does the world see you? : Jesus Freak~DC Talk (nope didn't make that one up, that's what came up!)
Will I have a happy life? :Entertaining Angels~Newsboys
What do my friends really think of me? : You Are My King~Newsboys
What do people secretly think of me? :Healing Rain~Michael W. Smith
How can I make myself happy? : There's Gotta Be More to Life~Stacie Orrico
What should I do with my life? : What Other Man~Natalie Grant
Will I ever have children? : Now What you See~Kutless
What is some good advice for me? : Live Out Loud~Steven Curtis Chapman
How will I be remembered? : I Get On My Knees~Jaci Velasquez
What is my signature dancing song? : Breakfast~Newsboys
What do I think my current theme song is? :Between You and Me~DC Talk
What does everyone else think my current theme song is? : Any Other Love~Smalltown Poets
What song will play at my funeral? : Smile~Chris Rice
What type of men/women do you like? :Other Side of the Radio~Chris Rice
What is my day going to be like? : Gravity~Shawn McDonald