Thursday, April 27, 2006

It has been quite a week around here. Sunday Pastor got a phone call telling him that his brother had died. They didn't come to services that day, another former pastor came from a town about a half hour or so away came and spoke for the morning service. Pastor preached the evening service and afterwards talked to us about keeping M (their youngest son) while they went to New York for the funeral, which we said of course to. So we have had M since Tuesday after school and he will be staying with us until Sunday sometime.
M has been excellent, he kept my daycare kids busy playing a game with them for a good half hour this morning. And last night he was given five dollars for his birthday (which was yesterday) and he promptly put it in the offering for the Awana closing program without thinking twice! I almost cried.
We are going to take him out to eat tonight at a restaurant that he has asked to go to, possibly a trip to Wal Mart afterwards. Tomorrow night his oldest brother A and his wife and two boys are going to bring over a Dairy Queen cake and spend some time with him.
The Awana closing program was last night. We had a good turn out, I will miss S, the one clubber that I had on a regular basis. I will be a bit lost without Awana in the schedule, but we are moving prayer meeting to Wednesday nights instead of Thursdays and we have one more leaders meeting next Wednesday to go over some things and clean out our totes. I'm sure that we will find something to fill up that extra night now...especially with summer coming. Did I mention that K and Pastor are teaching me to golf? Yep, didn't have enough full time so I had to go and find something else to do, ha ha! So far it has been alot of fun...I lost our one plastic practice ball in the neighbors lilac bushes across the alley! We went and got some more but just haven't had time to go out and practice since.
Well, almost time to run and get the boys from school so I better run.
Big hugs!


holli said...

I was about to say.. YOU - run out of things to do??? NEVER!!!!

Heidi said...

Ahh well, keeps me out of trouble that way, right?