Friday, April 07, 2006

I dunno

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately...I just haven't felt like I have had much to say. I don't know if it is the rain and the lack of sun or what, but I have just been kind of down lately. Just not feeling like myself. Maybe I'm coming down with something, I don't know. I haven't even been stitching, knitting, or reading lately! Very strange!
The kids have been pretty good lately. Monster has toned down her Terrible Twos/Threes attitude and been pretty good again. It still flares up every once in a while, but it is not near as bad when it does. She has even started speaking in three to four phrases on a subject rather than just a short couple of words here or there or one sentence answers. That is good to hear, I just wish that her pronuncitation (I guess that's what you would call it) would be better, she is saying more words just still having trouble with the same sounds. Her ds sound like gs, a double t in a word like button sounds like bukkon, other sounds like oger,I just worry that it is her hearing or something.
I gave C the Precious Moments that I stitched for her and she loved it. She said that she would find a place for it. I offered to stitch her another one since she had the one that was so similar, but she said no, she wanted to keep it. I'm glad she liked it, I was a bit worried!
J is back from Texas so knitting nights will resume again soon! I can't wait! I have had some troubles with some of my scarves in the fun fur, so I am anxious to see if we can remedy the problem!
Well, guess that's about all I have to say...hope it wasn't too boring!

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holli said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down, girlfriend. Maybe you need some pink hair to cheer you up! If we lived closer we could just hang out in pajama pants and have fun when we were bored..

This time of year is always an in-between mood time of year for me too.