Friday, April 28, 2006

Ohhh this is going to be a fun day. It is only about 8:30 in the morning and my day is already "one of those days". It started out at six when K's car wouldn't start so I had to run him into work...after I come home I grab my shower and make the bed and head downstairs to get ready for the kiddos to show up. M wakes himself up early to study for a test (btw I must brag on him a little bit here...after being worried that he would get an F he got an A on his Science review and an A+ on his Science test, he missed one but had two extra credit! Way to go M!!!) and while I am helping him go over some of his vocabulary words I have to keep getting after Mr. C and Miss M for wrestling on the couch and injuring one another. Not so bad.....Monster gets here and I can tell right away that she stinks, so I mention it and Mommy changes her pants, but not without the sufficient fit from Monster and the obligitory trying to get the messy pants all over our jeans and shoes by throwing our legs around.
I put two pop tarts in the toaster for M for breakfast and one breaks in half and half falls on the floor as I take it out of the package. Then when I go to get the toasted ones out of the toaster the other one breaks in half and the bottom half gets STUCK in the toaster! I couldn't get it out no matter what I tried, so I give M what I have and send him off to eat.
Mr. C goes to get ready for school and ends up getting the zipper split and stuck on his jacket, Monster's Mommy and I both try to fix it but just can't do it so I send the partially zipped child off to school instructing him to just pull the whole jacket over his head when he takes it off and puts it on, and to just leave the zipper alone. We'll see how that goes.
We get back from dropping the boys off at school and I have to stop Monster's fun of standing on the couch and jumping up and down and get her to recommence that fun on the floor instead and run upstairs to get the second load of laundry...I look at the clock and am reminded that I need to call K and ask him if he will still be able to get off at 2:30 because I need him to stay with one of our friends' kids since she will be here to pick him up while I am still on the after school run and I lay down on the bed thinking that the dog potty smell seems really strong for some reason. I am laying on my stomach with K's pillow that looks like a can of Hawaiian Punch and notice a large wet spot on the comforter by my arm...yep one of the dogs decided to pee on the Hawaiian Punch pillow and missed most of that and peed on my bed!!!! So as I am calling K I strip the bed of all the bedding and carry it all downstairs to find Miss M and Monster almost in a knock down drag out over Miss M's pink plastic bracelet!
Can I go back to bed yet?? Did I mention that it's supposed to rain today? No outside playtime for us if that's the case. :( And A and A and the boys are coming over tonight with a cake for M's birthday and I really need to clean the house and get the laundry done? Yeah, let's hope that things get better from here!
Thankfully K will be home at 2:30, I layed beside the potty spot on the bed and not on it, and I amazingly remembered what time K's break was and didn't have to be told by the operator lady to call back in a half an hour when he was actually on break (although it sounded like she may be having one of those days too as she was a bit short when normally she is very nice!).
Well, I feel much better now just had to get that off my chest. The joys of having a blog and having the internet to complain to!
Big hugs! and Keep smilin'!

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