Thursday, February 21, 2008

This week has been one of those weeks that I really dislike doing childcare. The kids are crabby because they aren't able to play outside and their regular schedule is disrupted with all the late starts, early dismissals, and cancellations in school with the winter weather, I am cranky because I am cooped up with cranky kids all day and I can't get out of the house for the activities I would like to do and need so I can destress after my day, and I have a family who promised to catch up on their daycare bill this week who has not even mentioned payment to me, so I am forced to send a notice home that unless I receive a payment (not asking for the whole amount mind you, just a payment on the account)by drop off Monday morning that I will suspend childcare. I have NEVER had to do this before in all my years of childcare, but they are so far behind and after weeks, and actually months of empty promises to pay I can't take it any longer. I am just afraid that if/when I suspend childcare they are going to find someone else and I am going to have to eat a large loss. Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Holli stopped over and asked how I was doing with my goals and I realized how long it really had been since I had come in to post a blog entry! I have kept up pretty well with my goals. I wish I had done better with pictures, but I have still taken more than I have in a long time, which is keeping my goal, but there are still blocks of days where I don't take any pictures at all. Winter is not my friend. I just feel so uninspired. I'm working on it though.
As for my daily Bible reading I am doing wonderfully! I have read every day in January and so far every day for the month of February. At least one chapter,and some days two or more. I have also started reading a book that I started last year and never got very far in. It is Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs. I am only in the introductions but quite a few things they have said have hit home.
The daycare kids have caused alot of fun and craziness around here....I'm just glad that all days are not like Monday was! The day started out pretty well, things just piled up to make it one long day. A couple of the families had Super Bowl parties so the kids were crankier than normal because they were up later than normal and one of my mild mannered boys threw temper tantrum after temper tantrum and was just unhappy in general. The baby was clingy and trying to get anything else done was not happening. I tried to empty the dishwasher one of my serving bowls was in the top shelf and when I opened the door and pulled the shelf out and it shattered into a million pieces. A couple of large pieces fell into the motor of the dishwasher and I had to wait for K to come home and get the pieces out so I could run it again leaving me with a sink full of dirty dishes from lunch. The kids got out of school early and I got two extra school agers and found out that they had not eaten lunch at school like they should have and scrambled to find them lunch, which they only picked at anyway. We had spaghetti for lunch and I just had the baby wearing his diaper because I knew he would be a mess and after getting the big kids cleaned up and watching a cartoon I took him upstairs to give him a bath quickly. The bath went well and he was quite happy splashing in the water and didn't fuss when I took him out of the tub. I wrapped him up in a towel and tucked him in my right arm to bring him back downstairs to dry him off and get him dressed and I pushed off of the toilet as I was getting up because my back has been bothering me a bit and when I did the toilet seat slid sideways breaking the hinge off and cutting my pinky finger in the process. I finally get a bit of a break during naptime and when the kids wake up the fusiness begins all over again with Miss A and when her Dad comes to get her and her brothers he picks her up and asks her what the problem is she proceeds to puke all over him three times! We get that cleaned up and the boys Dad comes to get them and tells me that there is a schedule change and I may have the boys the next day causing a conflit with the plan to drive to the basketball game in Waukon so we would have four wheel drive since the weather would be questionable but we could deal. Everyone leaves and Casey (the shih tzu) decides to puke up the entire contents of his stomach right behind my chair at the computer! I told K that I didn't care where we went but I was LEAVING THIS HOUSE BEFORE I GO COMPLETELY CRAZY! Things finally settled down and I ended up having no kids on Tuesday and got some more cleaning and sanitizing done and only working for a couple hours yesterday getting caught up on laundry and a few other projects that needed to be done. We had a make up basketball game last night so we delayed prayer meeting for a half an hour so we could watch one of the boys play. We have another game tonight. Saturday brings the tearing down of the old shed at church, Awana quizzing practice for a couple hours in the afternoon, meeting with PM to go over powerpoint sometime, and getting Sunday School done. Sunday we have church and then leaving quickly after that to go to another basketball tournament and we will miss the evening service. Basketball season is almost over but then something else will take the place of those games that we have been going to, guess I stay out of trouble that way!
Well, the animals at the zoo are calling so guess that's it for now. Hugs!