Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New schedule, exciting week!

I am really enjoying this new school schedule. Right now I have one child, and I will have one child tomorrow with Friday off. Next week will be pretty slow as one Mom and Dad are off to Florida and Grandpas and Grandmas are trading off watching the kids. I am here as needed, but the one Grandma wants to spend the time with them and so I may not see much of them at all.
The first football game of the season is Friday night. I am excited! Two of M and C's boys will be playing and we plan to pick up our activity tickets this year since we go to so many games. C will have his first 9th grade game and J will have his first Varsity game. I'm not sure, but he may be starting. I will definately have my camera and take LOTS of pictures!
Tonight is our first Awana night. We are having our picnic in the park. Maybe. It has been sprinkling off and on all day. I plan to have my camera ready and take LOTS of pictures there too. I have become the Awana paparazzi. I take tons of pictures and K puts them in a slide show at the end of the year so the parents can see what we have done and the kids get to see themselves on the "big screen".
I am in the middle of touching up the pictures I took of the outdoor service/baptism/back to school picnic I took with Photoshop. I still have pictures of the youth group's drama to download and touch up, and get the prints of the outdoor service to make up my poster for church. I am going to need this extra free time!
I'm also hoping to get some more reading done, and som knitting and cross stitch. Things that I have not been able to keep up with much with the crazy schedule that I have had for the last year! I am definately going to enjoy not being so stressed when it comes time to leave for away games and things like that. The family that left was constantly running late so I could never count on them being gone when I needed them to be to leave making life pretty stressful there for a while. Even if I gave them an earlier time giving them a bit of a cushioin thinking then I could be on time they would be late and we would just make it or be a bit late for things. With the days off I am getting these next couple of weeks I plan to go and visit some family that live about an hour away, but I don't get to see unless they come up here with my schedule and tomorrow C and I are trying to find a time to get together and do highlights in my hair (I work 10-2). Monday night B came and cut my hair, she went a bit shorter than I would have liked, but it will if it doesn't look too bad I will try to post some pictures.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another song from Bart Millard from his new Hymned Again album! I LOVE this album!

Just for fun

My creation
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I found this when I was checking out a new blog and I thought it was fun. Here are the instructions if you would like to try it too.

1. type your answer to each of the questions below into flickr search.2. using only the first page of results, pick one image.3. copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into big huge lab’s mosaic maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.the questions:1. what is your first name?2. what is your favorite food? right now?3. what high school did you go to?4. what is your favorite color?5. who is your celebrity crush?6. what is your favorite drink?7. what is your dream vacation?8. what is your favorite dessert?9. what do you want to be when you grow up?10. what do you love most in life?11. what is one word that describes you?12. what is your flickr name?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School year excitement!

I have definately come out of my funk haha! The last couple of days have been really productive days! I am loving having fewer kids and the time to relax and have fun with them! Yesterday I had two typing jobs to do for PM and an email to send out. I got the typing jobs drafted up and over to PM for him to check out and back home to make the changes he wanted. I just have to take them tonight to make copies for the meeting tonight that he needed them for.
Today I have taken down the alphabet wall that we did last school year with the kids. I also took down the little shelf with beanie babies and teddy bears that I had on that wall and got the pocket chart ready with a small border sheet of colors and one that has ABC and 123. I took some of the lined sheets that I got to put in the pocket chart and wrote my name and K's name and all the kids names and got them ready to put in too. I'll wait a week or so to put them in since I didn't write the names of the two that are leaving and don't want any hurt feelings.....
I also decided that I am going to start the kids with learning colors this fall. Then we can move on to numbers and letters if there is time. It will be a good start for the little ones who aren't preschool age and a good place to just get the preschoolers into sitting and doing worksheets and things at our house. I'm so excited! Almost like having my own little school!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I LOVE this! I preordered and just got my copy of Hymned Again in the mail today!! I haven't listened to the whole cd yet, but that is my plan tonight while I get my zone therapy treatment done on my feet!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling better

Well, I have found my way out of my funk. Actually this weekend went very well. I got to spend some time with some friends and things are more comfortable in some cases and I was able to talk about one situation with another friend and now I feel better about some decisions that I made. I believed that I had made the right decisions, but it always helps to have someone back you up, you know?
Today is my last summer day with the kids, it's back to school tomorrow. My numbers will be alot smaller, I lose one family and in the other two families one or two of the kids go to school so I drop quite a bit. I am not ready to go looking for other families though, on no school days I could still end up with quite a few kids. If the right family came to me, I might take them though,and a couple of people know that and are keeping their eyes and ears open for me.
K just went out golfing with one of our friends and his son, and for me I have two hours of kids left and then it is off to fold and put away laundry and print some cards up, and maybe if I feel really productive tonight work on the pictures for the poster/slideshow of our outdoor service/baptism/back to school picnic.
Thanks Jen for the comment you left, it was nice to know that someone was reading and cared and understood! Hope you are feeling much better too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just me venting

I don't really know why but I am in a bit of a funk today. I'm tired, which doesn't help, but it is not the sole cause if it. I can't really pinpoint anything that I could say triggered it, but it started late last night and has continued into the morning today. I really hope that it gets better as the day goes on.
It also doesn't help that my ear hurts. It's an odd feeling, not a throbbing necessarily, but not a constant pain either. Every once in a while I feel a pain like someone is stabbing something into my ear. Yesterday it was the right ear and today it is the left. Ibuprofen seemed to help yesterday, I'll have to find some again this morning.
It's rainy looking outside today too. Not terribly dark, just cloudy and rainy looking, fits my mood I guess.
I know it sounds corny at 30 to be saying this, but I am sorting/finding things out about friends lately. True friends vs people who are just there to use you and/or move on when something better comes along. I did have a very good talk with one friend who was supposed to be like a sister and then took off and changed her personality quite drastically when a new girl moved into town, but things still just aren't the same between us. Things are strained between my bf and I, I just don't know where I stand, if they think the same of me or if something has changed, I know they have family issues so it could be more of that but just with my funk things are more magnified you know?
The kids are playing nicely, I ended up with a group of older kiddies today too, so they are pretty self sufficient, so I think I am going to try to go and spend some time reading my Bible and some time in prayer during naptime and hopefully I can bring myself out of this funk.
I appreciate it if you spent the time reading all of my blabbering and hope that you all are having a much happier and wonderful day!