Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just me venting

I don't really know why but I am in a bit of a funk today. I'm tired, which doesn't help, but it is not the sole cause if it. I can't really pinpoint anything that I could say triggered it, but it started late last night and has continued into the morning today. I really hope that it gets better as the day goes on.
It also doesn't help that my ear hurts. It's an odd feeling, not a throbbing necessarily, but not a constant pain either. Every once in a while I feel a pain like someone is stabbing something into my ear. Yesterday it was the right ear and today it is the left. Ibuprofen seemed to help yesterday, I'll have to find some again this morning.
It's rainy looking outside today too. Not terribly dark, just cloudy and rainy looking, fits my mood I guess.
I know it sounds corny at 30 to be saying this, but I am sorting/finding things out about friends lately. True friends vs people who are just there to use you and/or move on when something better comes along. I did have a very good talk with one friend who was supposed to be like a sister and then took off and changed her personality quite drastically when a new girl moved into town, but things still just aren't the same between us. Things are strained between my bf and I, I just don't know where I stand, if they think the same of me or if something has changed, I know they have family issues so it could be more of that but just with my funk things are more magnified you know?
The kids are playing nicely, I ended up with a group of older kiddies today too, so they are pretty self sufficient, so I think I am going to try to go and spend some time reading my Bible and some time in prayer during naptime and hopefully I can bring myself out of this funk.
I appreciate it if you spent the time reading all of my blabbering and hope that you all are having a much happier and wonderful day!

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Jen said...

I've been in a funk myself this week! I hope you are having a better day!! I know how hard it can be with friends sometimes! You would think in our 30s we wouldn't have to deal with friendship issues but unfortunately it we still have to!! Praying for you!!