Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling better

Well, I have found my way out of my funk. Actually this weekend went very well. I got to spend some time with some friends and things are more comfortable in some cases and I was able to talk about one situation with another friend and now I feel better about some decisions that I made. I believed that I had made the right decisions, but it always helps to have someone back you up, you know?
Today is my last summer day with the kids, it's back to school tomorrow. My numbers will be alot smaller, I lose one family and in the other two families one or two of the kids go to school so I drop quite a bit. I am not ready to go looking for other families though, on no school days I could still end up with quite a few kids. If the right family came to me, I might take them though,and a couple of people know that and are keeping their eyes and ears open for me.
K just went out golfing with one of our friends and his son, and for me I have two hours of kids left and then it is off to fold and put away laundry and print some cards up, and maybe if I feel really productive tonight work on the pictures for the poster/slideshow of our outdoor service/baptism/back to school picnic.
Thanks Jen for the comment you left, it was nice to know that someone was reading and cared and understood! Hope you are feeling much better too!

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Jen said...

I am so glad you are feeling better!! I too am feeling better. I start back to school tomorrow and as much as I am dreading going back, I know it will help me to get out of my funk! I went today with a good friend to lunch, shopping and then to Starbucks for a tea! It was a great afternoon! It was the best way to spend my last day of Summer vacation!

I hope having fewer kids give you time to rest!! I think it's cute that you feel Cuddly today!!

I am glad to see you writing!!