Monday, November 30, 2009

So close, but not giving up!

Well, it's the end of the month. So close to posting the whole month, just missed one day. I hope to keep it up maybe not every day but at least every other. I have enjoyed getting back to blogging again.
The basketball season starts tomorrow and I found out I'm not working as late as I thought I was so we should have no problem getting to the game on time!
K went back to work today after having all of last week off, and I got caught up on my mountain of laundry! I also got caught up with cards I needed to make and get mailed out. Now if I could just get the maid to come and finish the laundry for me things would be great haha! Since that's not likely to happen at all I guess I'll have to finish it tomorrow.
Goodnight all! Talk to you tomorrow!!! Happy December!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, it's back to work again tomorrow. I just wish it wasn't at six fifteen! We didn't do a whole lot today, I had some typing to do for a handout for the evening service tonight and I almost got a nap...until the phone rang anyway. It was PM with a question but I just couldn't go back to sleep after that.
Still no resolution to my computer picture problem, K told me that we have a thirty day warantee with the store we bought it from, maybe they can help us get it going again.
Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday and that you have a good day tomorrow!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Basketball scrimmage picture fun

We still haven't solved the computer issue, K has been doing lots of reading, he says it may be something to do with how they cleaned the registry at the store we bought the computer from. Hopefully we can get it resolved soon!
We went to the boys basketball scrimmage with two other schools this morning. We weren't sure what time it started, neither of the boys seemed to know, but we only missed one game. Not so bad. I got lots of pictures...none of J, he sprained his ankle in the first game, but I got pics of him during meet the team night and hopefully I can get some more at his game next week. I got alot of Big C, some of S from one of the other teams who also goes to our church, and D, whose younger brother is in Minneapolis in treatment for lukemia (he's 11). Sounds like he is doing very well, their Mom was there to watch D play. Hopefully I can get the pics edited and sent off to her early next week!
K is out golfing with PM now, I have gotten the evening service PowerPoint done and am getting ready to start typing the radio message from Friday. PM has to get the morning service notes to me yet so I can get the PowerPoint typed up for that and then we'll have to meet to go over them. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight...the last few nights it's been pretty late with K on vacation and me finally having a couple days off!
I'm kind of sad to see the month coming to an end...I have enjoyed writing more. Hopefully I can long as I don't bore you all to death haha! If I slack off again you have permission to email and scold me haha!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Computer frustration!

We had a pretty good day today...K got up early to go to Radio Shack to find the cds we wanted only to find that they didn't open for another half hour early! He came back home and this time I got up with him and we found the cds...but there was a hassle because the girl didn't know what the sale was supposed to be and it didn't ring up right in the computer. She wasn't too happy.
We got to Ace at 7 and there was a crowd around the door but K found everything he wanted. He got AAA batteries instead of the AA's that they had on sale and he had to take them back but it wasn't too bad. Everyone was lined up at the front of the store and just a few of us went to the register in the back so we were in and out and in and out again before some of the people were in and out the first time.
We worked on some Christmas lights outside and went to the local Christmas parade. We met C, Mrs. A, L, T, and Tater there and laughed as Tater stuffed the candy that was thrown into his pockets until they wouldn't hold anymore!
Then tonight I went to download some pictures to my computer from one of my memory cards and found that the Scanner and Camera wizard isn't card reader shows up but it won't put the pictures into a folder on my computer. Grr. I did some reading trying to figure it out but just got frustrated. K's looking now, hopefully he can find something. If he can I will have some pictures of the lights on the front of the house and maybe a few others to share.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...Black Friday shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!! We had a GREAT day with lots of food and friends!! Getting ready to head to bed now to get ready to find some good deals in the morning at some of the local stores. This is the first time in quite a few years that we won't be making the drive to a neighboring town to Wal Mart...but they just didn't wow us with any good deals that we just couldn't live without. Sounds like K has quite a list for the local Ace Hardware store though! I'm not complaining...I'll get to sleep in a bit longer!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I really shouldn't leave writing here until the last thing at night. I get so tired I just want to hurry and get it done and don't know what to say.
Nothing too exciting going on around here. Miss A came and she was bright eyed at very chatty all day and she left around 2. After that K and I have just lounged around and complained about how bored we are! We ordered a pizza for supper and had some of the peanut butter pie Miss A's Mom dropped off for us.
I tried to do some online Christmas shopping for K's Mom, but haven't found anything I'm real crazy about. She is just so hard to shop for.
Well, it's time I head off and make my salad for tomorrow and head to bed!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pretty good day!

Today ended up being a short day of work...I got to sleep in a bit and found out I get to sleep in tomorrow too! Gotta love that!
I went for piano lessons after running some errands and that turned into more of working on the song I am going to sing for special music. B, who is my piano teacher is also playing the piano for me for this song.
When I got home we went out to Teluwut...a newer restaurant in town. K had what they call the Big Mouth Vinnie Burger and I had their Chicken Parmesean. It was so good! I have half of it left, which I will have for lunch tomorrow!
I think I'm going to call it a night and do a little reading in bed and maybe get up a bit earlier and do some house cleaning....maybe not haha!

Monday, November 23, 2009

So close!

I was doing so good, and then I forgot to post yesterday!! So close! I did have two posts one day...does that count lol!
I didn't get to go to the soy candle shop...K didn't get home until 4/4:15 and then we went to meet PM to go over his PowerPoint. We got to talking and then we all headed out to Wal Mart to do a little shopping. I remembered to get my pie for the Pie Fellowship at church and picked up a few more as long as we're here....items. Had alot of fun and laughs with PM and K. It was a great night!
We stopped at my Mom and Dad's and visited with them for a bit after we got back into town and I worked on a couple projects after we got home and I didn't go to bed until 1 am! Choir sang for special music in the morning and evening Praise and Thanksgiving services...we (the soprano group) liked this song especially because we didn't end on a really high note! The last few times we sang we seem to end on a high note that alot of us really seem to have to streatch to reach! Next week we start practicing for Christmas!
We went to have lunch with my Mom and went to the new consignment shop on main street that was having an open house. I picked up a few tops and K found a shirt. Mom looked but didn't find anything she couldn't live with out.
We had to be back at church at 4:30 for K to be at the Christmas program practice...he plays the Dad :) and I have to admit that we are really praying that this goes well!
K is home for the week and this morning was my one early early morning...6:15...and the kiddos are playing nicely together watching Little Einsteins.
Sounds like I will be done early this afternoon and then we are headed to a basketball game in the evening! Sounds like a good day to me!!! Hope you all have a great day as well!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have I bored you yet?

Are you tired of me posting about my boring life every day yet???

K is off helping change the oil and put new front brakes in C's car. C is sick so K won't be able to show him how to do it like he hoped, but with cars there will always be a next time.

While he's been gone I've been sitting here playing on facebook and editing some pictures. I really need to order PM and C's Christmas gifts online today just to make sure we have plenty of time for shipping and everything.

If K gets back with enough time before we have to go over PowerPoint with PM I would love to go to the soy candle factory/outlet store in a neighboring town. I have all my must have done items finished, except for buying a pie for tomorrow night and I have been wanting to go there for a long time now and I need another candle for the house and thinking about some for Christmas gifts. Don't know if that will happen though, we'll see what time he gets home and what he wants to do with the rest of the afternoon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

And yet another quiet day!

Today was just like the last few days really...nothing real new or exciting to tell you.
We went to meet the team night for basketball and wrestling tonight and I got some pictures of J out on the court. J is the only senior on the varsity team this year. They are a young team and need some work, but it looks like they will play well together. I'm excited to see them play!
Tomorrow K has some work to do on C's car and I have to get a pie for the pie fellowship after our Prayer and Thanksgiving service on Sunday and that's it other than my normal house cleaning and maybe some laundry! Should be nice relaxing day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blah day

I am so photo program came in the mail today!!! I have been editing pictures ever since I got it installed this afternoon!!!
My plans for the day kept changing, I wanted to go to Wal Mart early this morning but school had a two hour late start so I had R at 7 am instead of 1 pm....that left me not working until 3:30 pm when I got a call asking if I could take Tater for a couple hours and later cancelling that and rescheduling for tomorrow. Little C, Slow Mo, and Miss A left a half hour later than normal and the practice that was scheduled for 8:30 tonight for a small group of musicians for our Praise and Thanksgiving Service Sunday night was tentatively rescheduled for Saturday morning and then cancelled. Confused yet? I am!
I didn't get much accomplished today...hopefully tomorrow I can get more done. Just so tired today and feeling blah.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And another quiet day

Not much going on around here today. Another early morning with Miss A. I am not looking forward to their move, but I will be SO glad when these early mornings are done! I won't complain about my 7 am Wednesdays anymore!!!

K wanted me to make chili for supper tonight. I went to get the hamburger and there was non in the freezer. That stinks...I was looking forward to chili and cinnamon rolls tonight! Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

Awana's theme tonight is Joshua and we are supposed to wear camoflauge and write a letter to someone serving in the military thanking them for their service. Can't wait to see that!

Well, I'm off to bake some cookies with the kiddos. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another quiet day

I got to sleep in today, Tater and Mr T didn't come until 9:30! I sooo needed that!!! I even got to run out and get my cappucino!
Tater still isn't feeling the best he's pretty quiet and kind of pale looking. He's had a bit of diahrreah, thankfully he's potty trained and makes that issue a bit easier! It hasn't been too bad, but you can just tell he doesn't feel very good. Hopefully a nap helps some.
The boys are both just hanging out and watching some tv. Normally I wouldn't let them, but I think they both need a nice quiet day. Mr. T is going to school this afternoon so a little rest this morning won't hurt.
I made up a facebook site for our Awana club this morning too. We send home calendars with the themes for each week, but you know little kids and how often those things actually get home. Some of us were talking on our Ladie's Day Away on Saturday and said why not set up a central site, and maybe this will give us another line of communication with the familes. We'll see how it goes!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Monday

I'm back again! Hopefully my posts from this weekend made sense, I was so tired while I was writing them...this weekend was so busy and I was exhausted by the end of the day!
Today I'm downloading some of the last few programs I need on the new computer. I really like this! It is so fast and the power button works!!
Tater and Mr. T are home sick today. They were running temps yesterday and just not feeling well. So now I only have Miss A for most of the day...will get R for the afternoon and Little C and Slow Mo after school. I planned on doing some laundry but I got one load done and I am out of detergent. Miss A doesn't have any shoes or a coat this morning...Mom brings her wrapped up in a blanket in her pjs since she comes so early. So no trip uptown for us to buy some either. Maybe K will grab some for me when he gets home.
I had such a great time working on my cards on Saturday that I am really thinking about working on some more while the kiddos are napping this afternoon, but taking a nap myself sounds really good too!!!
Well, not much else going on around here, pretty quiet. Hope you all are having a great day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wizard Weekend

I finally got Microsoft Office 2007 up and running on my computer and K found a good deal on my Photoshop program on ebay so hopefully by the end of the week or so I will have everything I need added onto the new computer.
K and I came home after church tonight and as I was flipping through the channels Ifound the Wizard of Oz! Too funny after just seeing the play at the high school! We've been watching and I keep telling him which of the kids we know were playing each part in the play!
Well,6:15 is going to come awfully early so I'm headed off to bed! Hope you all had a great day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy day!

We didn't go to the play last night we were able to get tickets to see Monroe Crossing a bluegrass group and they were so good! K bought their Christmas cd. We had seen them last year, and it says alot that K was willing to go again last night! Normally if he's seen something once, he's good he doesn't want to go again!

Today was our Ladie's Day Away at church. We all get together and do our crafts and talk and this year some of the ladies went and toured our friend's new quilt shop. I got some cards made. I made three different cards and made two of each one.

We met with PM early to go over his PowerPoint and then C and I went to see the Wizard of Oz. It was great! The kids really sounded like their parts from the movie and they had some of the younger kids as munchkins! It was very good!!

Well, I'm going to do a little more work on the PowerPoint and go to bed. I was up until 2 this morning loading the programs I need and my favorites onto the "new" (refurbished) computer that K got a good deal on and suprised me with yesterday and I'm tired!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I took this picture on the way home from a friend's "Surprise" 30th Birthday party. I say "Surprise" because both her Mom and her husband gave it away and she knew in the end but it was a good time! These friends live in a neighboring town and they have alot of the wind turbines to generate electricity to send to other states. K laughs every time we make this drive because for a bit it looks like you are going to drive right into it until the road curves.
Not alot going on today. Miss A came at 6:15 and R from next door will get off the bus at about noon. They'll both be gone by 1/1:30 and the I have to take the canned goods from Awana to the food pantry. We tried to take it over yesterday but the doors were locked.
The high school play is this weekend. I think we may go tonight; Saturday is the Ladies' Day Away at church where we all get together and do our crafting whether it be knitting, quilting, cross stitch, card making, scrapbooking, etc....and have a soup and salad lunch, and we will have to get together with PM to go over PowerPoint, and Sunday is busy enough I don't want to wait and then have something come up and not be able to go. If I get the chance I may go Sunday afternoon again, but I don't want to miss it! They are doing the Wizard of Oz this year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, a day off!

I got up early and got my shower quickly to make sure I would have enough time to run out and get my cappucino from Kwik Star before the kids came...any size is 99 cents right now...can't resist that deal! I was all ready to go with plenty of time get right in and right out and do my morning routine for getting ready for the kids in the morning and no kids....their Mom sends me a text saying she didn't have to work last night so no boys today! I got some laundry done and a few other things around the house figuring I would catch up before the other kids came after school and as I'm checking my email the phone rings and their Mom says that the teacher for one of her classes was gone and she got to come home early so I won't have her kids either! It was a bus stop day with the little neighbor guy so I get the WHOLE DAY off today!! I've finished all the things I hoped to so far and I've put on some Trans-Siberian Orchestra music and I'm getting ready to do a little reading until K comes home.

Our miniature poodle has an appointment at the groomers this afternoon and we have the canned goods that the kids brought to Awana last night to take to the food bank. It sounds like we will be recording our Pastor's radio message for the week at some point tonight too so I am glad to have some of the housework done!

It will be a 6:15 day tomorrow, but I will be done working about 1/1:30...can't complain about that!

Hope you all are enjoying your day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A bit of reflection and Happy Veteran's Day!

First I have to say thanks to Rebecca Jo for the comment on my last post and the advice. I think I'm going to do that after I give her a day or two to post a picture...just to make sure it's not an oversight.....

Yesterday as I was just getting home from piano lessons I got a call telling us that the Pastor of a local church was killed in a car accident in the afternoon. We had just seen him recently and were shocked to hear the news! I have been posting one thing I am thankful for each day in November on my facebook and with Veteran's Day today it made me sit down and reflect even more how thankful I am for what I have and where I live and those I love that I have in my life....we just never know and I am thankful for you all!

Happy Veteran's Day! A special thank you to G, J, K, N, D, J, R, and C....thank you for all you do and for serving our country!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A vent and some cute things from the kiddos

I've really tried to stay positive on my blog, I mean we all have our own problems, who wants to come and read about someone elses and get more depressed? But today something happened that I'm just having trouble letting go of. Ever since they moved away my MIL and I have had a strained relationship. At one point I thought that we had things straightened out, but lately things have been flaring up again. I'm honestly ok with the thought that not everyone is going to like me or get along with me...I don't like it and especially the thought that it's family and such close family, but it's going to happen. I just try to vent it out and get over it and move on but today it hurts just a bit more.
My MIL just got facebook and I cringed when I saw that she had added me as a friend just because of our relationship and facebook has been one of my fun get away type places where I can interact with my friends....but I added her. I went to look at her facebook page today and she has pictures of the oldest son and his wife and two kids, she has pictures of the the middle son and his wife, she has pictures of the only daughter and her boyfriend, and she has pictures of the youngest son and his girlfriend. Notice anything missing? Yep no pictures of my hubby. Even if she didn't want to post a picture of me I can deal, but to not post his picture and leave a note of how proud she is of him like she did the rest honestly brings me to tears.
She can do what she wants to me, but when she starts to slight him it really really bothers me. I keep thinking give her time she'll post one, but she keeps posting more and more of the others, but none of K.
Maybe I'm making too much of it and I'm hoping by writing it all out here I can just vent it out and not be so "emotional". I won't even mention it to K...he doesn't even get on his facebook page enough to notice and why bring it to his attention.

Ok I can't leave such a moody post and not focus on something about some cute things I've heard from the kids over the last couple of weeks?!?!

What's a meeting shower? Miss A after we talked a bit about stars...wondering about a meteor shower!
You my best fwiend! Tater to me while sitting on the potty!
Some people are poor and don't have a microwave....that's why other people should share their houses! Mr. T....I don't know where that came from!
Spooky!!! Tater's new favorite word!

Well, I'm off to do some reading while Tater is napping. Hope you all are well!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Productive morning!

It's another 6:15 morning. I have to admit that I am much more productive on these days, but I still really miss my sleep!!!

I've gotten about half of my laundry done and the craft ready for the kids for the day. Hopefully this trend continues as I do have a few more things I would like to accomplish today!

I am finally starting to feel better after my allergy issues over the weekend! The hike on the trails in one of the parks that K and I went on sent my allergies into major overload. I hadn't been taking any allergy medicine for about two weeks, but it looks like I'll be taking it again for a while now!

I do have some pictures of the path we went out on our walk on, but I still have to do some editing in Photoshop. I'll post them soon, I really like how some of them turned out!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Not getting anything done!

I really feel like I haven't accomplished a whole lot today. I woke up very congested due to my allergies...the walk in the woods at one of the parks we went to on Friday did me in. I haven't taken any allergy medicine for two weeks or so but it looks like I'll be starting to take it again!
I took some more pictures of our Pastor and his wife to possibly be used on the church's website today. I did get them edited for him to look over, but that has been the most productive part of my day!
Hope you all are enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lazy day!

Not much going on around here today. K and I are just working on some projects around the house. We replaced the screen door in the front door with the glass...not such an easy thing to do considering you have to take the whole frame apart to get the screen out and the glass in! Nice to have it done though!
K also hung the metal star we got on our snowy trip up to Minnesota shopping a couple weeks ago. I thought about hanging it on the front of the house, but he wanted it on the garage and after seeing it in both places he won. I'll try to remember to get a picture of that too.
Otherwise the plan for the rest of the day is for me to finish PowerPoint for our church services tomorrow and meet with PM later this evening to go over them and maybe pull some Christmas lights out to hang up so we're not doing it when it's freezing outside! Of course I have been given strict instructions not to plug them in for a bit yet! No fun lol!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Two in one day...deer/dear!

Went on a date night tonight and on the way home I saw three deer of the four legged variety that K did not see...if he had reached his hand out the window he could have touched them they were so close! Thankfully they stood still and let us pass but as we were driving by I was patting his arm and saying Deer! as he is looking over at me asking "What?" He thought I was starting a conversation with Dear!" Must find a new way to alert him of the four legged variety!!!

Six far so good!

I hope I'm not totally boring you with my pictures, but honestly this has been one of the main parts of my life lately...and some don't get shown or printed, so why not share them here, right?!?
These pictures are of my friend's new quilt shop she opened in town. Her opening day was October 26th and I took these pictures to put up on her facebook page.
We went to Wal Mart after the kids left last night and I was finally able to get a hair cut! The lady I had doing my hair had to have surgery and I'm not sure if she is going to go back to work or I had my hair cut in the little shop just inside our Wal Mart so I can do something with the bangs. I'm trying to grow it out, but have to be able to do something with the bangs!
We found some fun things like big gummy spiders and bats for 10 cents a piece and chocolate carmel candy corn and apple cider candy corn. Yum!
I also finally sent the picture that I am going to have enlarged to PM's brother...I decided on the yellow lily with the birch tree in the background. We found a frame for it at Wal Mart last night too! I am so excited to see it!!
No school for the kids today...Miss A, Little C, and Slow Mo came at 6:15 and R came at 7 but on the bright side they will all be gone by 1:00/1:30. Nice start to the weekend if you ask me!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A new favorite

I found a new favorite a couple weeks ago! I wasn't so sure that I would like it, but the adventerous side of me just had to give them a try....what is it? Chocolate covered sunflower seeds! YUM! Well, if you get the right brand anyway. We were looking for a Pastor appreciation gift when we found the first package and they were so good! The second package (pictured here) the seeds almost tasted like they were burnt and no amount of chocolate was going to fix that. I had alot of fun taking pictures with them anyway!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Proof that I am crazy!

This was our view on the way home from shopping in Minnesota on Friday, October 23! We couldn't believe it! It is hard to tell because these were taken with my cell phone and it was a darker day but it was snowing! Snowing hard enough that we were driving 35-40 mph on the highway on the drive home instead of the 55-60 mph we would normally drive! I don't know exactly how much they got, but it was accumulating quite a bit, at least three inches I would guess. Two of my brother in laws live in this area and they said that once it stopped it melted very quickly, but it changed our plans to get together with one for lunch and we headed home a couple hours ahead of what we planned to make sure we made it in time for things we had planned that evening!
I'm not really sure, but this may be the reason why I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit too! I've started looking for some Christmas music, I have been listening to two cds the last couple days; Christmas Offerings by Third Day and Peace on Earth by Casting Crowns and I am excited about pulling out cds like Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan, The Christmas Sessions by Mercy Me, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Collection by Avalon, Christmas by Rebecca St. James, and Christmas Eve & Other Stories, The Lost Christmas Eve, and The Christmas Attic by Trans-Siberian Orchestra! What are your favorite Christmas songs or cds? I am always on the lookout for new music/artists and would love to hear what you are listening to Christmas or not!! Leave me a comment and I will definately go and give them a listen!
K thinks I'm crazy for pulling out the Christmas music already...wait until he hears the Christmas ringtones I put on the cell phone this afternoon!! Right now I have it set for Christmas is Coming by Vince Guaraldi from a Charlie Brown Christmas...but it was a close one with You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch! I'm even ready to pull out the Christmas lights...I don't know what the deal is, it took me so long to get into the spirit last year!
More than you really wanted to know about me today huh?!?!
Other than that Awana music is done for this week and the two weeks after that and then we have a break the next week for Thanksgiving! I've also gotten some proofs printed off for the Commander and Store Keeper to look at for the clubbers Christmas gifts. I've gotten almost all of my laundry put away, the last load is in the washer now....and the kids put themselves down for nap and fell asleep while I was putting laundry away and they were watching a little tv! It's been a good day!
Hope you all are having a good day and Jen, I hope you are feeling better!! Big hugs!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Veteran's Banquet

A friend from church asked if I would go and take pictures of our local VFW's Veteran's Banquet. K went along and was working as their sound guy. I took over 220 pictures!! I got some pictures of PM and C's son J in his uniform and M and her husband R where he is in his uniform. There are a couple that may be used in church on Sunday since Veteran's Day is coming up.
I ended up with no kiddos today so I have been working on some projects that are just easier to do without them around, editing some pictures, making some phone calls, things like that. I have even started searching for some new Christmas music to listen to. K thinks I'm crazy, but with the weather changing and the snow coming soon it just seems to set the mood.

Monday, November 02, 2009

New picture and a little of my babble

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago while the kiddos were playing outside. We had a hard frost and this tiny little flower had survived. The advice that I have gotten about my pictures is to use the little view finder instead of the big display screen that I have been using to frame my pictures and use more of mymanual settings rather than the automatic ones...and this is one of the first ones I took using that advice. K plans to use it in the loop of our opening announcements at church and put a Bible verse on it.
Miss A came in at 6:15 this morning...I will have them until a week or so before Christmas when they move. I haven't really had the kids for a month/month and a half or so and she seems like such a big girl now! On the plus side I got an early start to my laundry and checked a couple other things off my to do list while she was waking up and watching tv and we were waiting for the other kids!
I was asked to take pictures of the Veteran's Banquet that the VFW put on a week ago. I took 228 pictures! I will share some of those coming up and maybe one of K with our booth for the Awana Fun Fair! We had 68 kids come and they went home with big smiles and bags of candy!
Hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo time again!!

I'm here!! I have been TERRIBLE about blogging this last month and I was thinking of this when I was reading Jen's blog the other day and she had a post about NaBloPoMo...I had so much fun with this last year and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to get going and blog again! Thanks Jen!
I almost forgot that today was Nov. 1 and blew it right away by not posting, this weekend went haywire I had so many things going on...only a couple didn't get done and K was a HUGE help! I have a couple new pictures I want to share with you all and I'm excited just to catch up with you all again...I have been reading all your blogs, just not posting on my own!
I've had a couple more changes in regard to daycare...I found out that Miss A, Slow mo, and Little C's Dad got a new job, but they will be moving a week before Christmas to a town about two and a half hours from here. Dad went back to work on Friday and I will have the kids occasionally again starting tomorrow until they move.
I have lots more I want to share with you all, but I am exhausted and I have an early start with Miss A in the morning so I'm going to call it a night and collapse into bed.
Big hugs!