Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A vent and some cute things from the kiddos

I've really tried to stay positive on my blog, I mean we all have our own problems, who wants to come and read about someone elses and get more depressed? But today something happened that I'm just having trouble letting go of. Ever since they moved away my MIL and I have had a strained relationship. At one point I thought that we had things straightened out, but lately things have been flaring up again. I'm honestly ok with the thought that not everyone is going to like me or get along with me...I don't like it and especially the thought that it's family and such close family, but it's going to happen. I just try to vent it out and get over it and move on but today it hurts just a bit more.
My MIL just got facebook and I cringed when I saw that she had added me as a friend just because of our relationship and facebook has been one of my fun get away type places where I can interact with my friends....but I added her. I went to look at her facebook page today and she has pictures of the oldest son and his wife and two kids, she has pictures of the the middle son and his wife, she has pictures of the only daughter and her boyfriend, and she has pictures of the youngest son and his girlfriend. Notice anything missing? Yep no pictures of my hubby. Even if she didn't want to post a picture of me I can deal, but to not post his picture and leave a note of how proud she is of him like she did the rest honestly brings me to tears.
She can do what she wants to me, but when she starts to slight him it really really bothers me. I keep thinking give her time she'll post one, but she keeps posting more and more of the others, but none of K.
Maybe I'm making too much of it and I'm hoping by writing it all out here I can just vent it out and not be so "emotional". I won't even mention it to K...he doesn't even get on his facebook page enough to notice and why bring it to his attention.

Ok I can't leave such a moody post and not focus on something positive....how about some cute things I've heard from the kids over the last couple of weeks?!?!

What's a meeting shower? Miss A after we talked a bit about stars...wondering about a meteor shower!
You my best fwiend! Tater to me while sitting on the potty!
Some people are poor and don't have a microwave....that's why other people should share their houses! Mr. T....I don't know where that came from!
Spooky!!! Tater's new favorite word!

Well, I'm off to do some reading while Tater is napping. Hope you all are well!


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... stuff like that just gets under your skin sometimes...

It just shows levels of maturity so try not to let it get to you...

if it were me, I'd leave comments like under a sibling picture like "K sure loves his brother"... or "K & his brother looks so much alike here"...

just SOMETHING to let your MIL know you notice, but you're not being mean in your comments!

Jen said...

Great advice Rebecca Jo!!

Heidi, Family issues are never fun!! I believe because it's family and we have such an emotional tie we do tend to be sensitive. Not that I am saying you are over reacting in any way!! I've been in similar situations dealing with family and sometimes I've found it's just best to let it go. I know it's easier said than done!! Hang in there!!