Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another quiet day

I got to sleep in today, Tater and Mr T didn't come until 9:30! I sooo needed that!!! I even got to run out and get my cappucino!
Tater still isn't feeling the best he's pretty quiet and kind of pale looking. He's had a bit of diahrreah, thankfully he's potty trained and makes that issue a bit easier! It hasn't been too bad, but you can just tell he doesn't feel very good. Hopefully a nap helps some.
The boys are both just hanging out and watching some tv. Normally I wouldn't let them, but I think they both need a nice quiet day. Mr. T is going to school this afternoon so a little rest this morning won't hurt.
I made up a facebook site for our Awana club this morning too. We send home calendars with the themes for each week, but you know little kids and how often those things actually get home. Some of us were talking on our Ladie's Day Away on Saturday and said why not set up a central site, and maybe this will give us another line of communication with the familes. We'll see how it goes!

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