Friday, November 27, 2009

Computer frustration!

We had a pretty good day today...K got up early to go to Radio Shack to find the cds we wanted only to find that they didn't open for another half hour early! He came back home and this time I got up with him and we found the cds...but there was a hassle because the girl didn't know what the sale was supposed to be and it didn't ring up right in the computer. She wasn't too happy.
We got to Ace at 7 and there was a crowd around the door but K found everything he wanted. He got AAA batteries instead of the AA's that they had on sale and he had to take them back but it wasn't too bad. Everyone was lined up at the front of the store and just a few of us went to the register in the back so we were in and out and in and out again before some of the people were in and out the first time.
We worked on some Christmas lights outside and went to the local Christmas parade. We met C, Mrs. A, L, T, and Tater there and laughed as Tater stuffed the candy that was thrown into his pockets until they wouldn't hold anymore!
Then tonight I went to download some pictures to my computer from one of my memory cards and found that the Scanner and Camera wizard isn't card reader shows up but it won't put the pictures into a folder on my computer. Grr. I did some reading trying to figure it out but just got frustrated. K's looking now, hopefully he can find something. If he can I will have some pictures of the lights on the front of the house and maybe a few others to share.

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