Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Proof that I am crazy!

This was our view on the way home from shopping in Minnesota on Friday, October 23! We couldn't believe it! It is hard to tell because these were taken with my cell phone and it was a darker day but it was snowing! Snowing hard enough that we were driving 35-40 mph on the highway on the drive home instead of the 55-60 mph we would normally drive! I don't know exactly how much they got, but it was accumulating quite a bit, at least three inches I would guess. Two of my brother in laws live in this area and they said that once it stopped it melted very quickly, but it changed our plans to get together with one for lunch and we headed home a couple hours ahead of what we planned to make sure we made it in time for things we had planned that evening!
I'm not really sure, but this may be the reason why I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit too! I've started looking for some Christmas music, I have been listening to two cds the last couple days; Christmas Offerings by Third Day and Peace on Earth by Casting Crowns and I am excited about pulling out cds like Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan, The Christmas Sessions by Mercy Me, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Collection by Avalon, Christmas by Rebecca St. James, and Christmas Eve & Other Stories, The Lost Christmas Eve, and The Christmas Attic by Trans-Siberian Orchestra! What are your favorite Christmas songs or cds? I am always on the lookout for new music/artists and would love to hear what you are listening to Christmas or not!! Leave me a comment and I will definately go and give them a listen!
K thinks I'm crazy for pulling out the Christmas music already...wait until he hears the Christmas ringtones I put on the cell phone this afternoon!! Right now I have it set for Christmas is Coming by Vince Guaraldi from a Charlie Brown Christmas...but it was a close one with You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch! I'm even ready to pull out the Christmas lights...I don't know what the deal is, it took me so long to get into the spirit last year!
More than you really wanted to know about me today huh?!?!
Other than that Awana music is done for this week and the two weeks after that and then we have a break the next week for Thanksgiving! I've also gotten some proofs printed off for the Commander and Store Keeper to look at for the clubbers Christmas gifts. I've gotten almost all of my laundry put away, the last load is in the washer now....and the kids put themselves down for nap and fell asleep while I was putting laundry away and they were watching a little tv! It's been a good day!
Hope you all are having a good day and Jen, I hope you are feeling better!! Big hugs!

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Jen said...

Thanks Heidi! My tummy is feeling better but I now feel like I may be getting a cold!! uGh!!!!! Hoping I am just tired tonight!! I can't believe that snow!! Crazy!! It was close to 80 degrees here today!! Just a week ago we got a light dusting of snow!! It's so weird!!

I LOVE Christmas music! I use to have a rule that I wouldn't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving. Last year I totally broke that rule!! This year, I am just not in the spirit yet! I guess it's hard with summer like temps!! I do love seeing the Christmas commercial though!!