Saturday, November 28, 2009

Basketball scrimmage picture fun

We still haven't solved the computer issue, K has been doing lots of reading, he says it may be something to do with how they cleaned the registry at the store we bought the computer from. Hopefully we can get it resolved soon!
We went to the boys basketball scrimmage with two other schools this morning. We weren't sure what time it started, neither of the boys seemed to know, but we only missed one game. Not so bad. I got lots of pictures...none of J, he sprained his ankle in the first game, but I got pics of him during meet the team night and hopefully I can get some more at his game next week. I got alot of Big C, some of S from one of the other teams who also goes to our church, and D, whose younger brother is in Minneapolis in treatment for lukemia (he's 11). Sounds like he is doing very well, their Mom was there to watch D play. Hopefully I can get the pics edited and sent off to her early next week!
K is out golfing with PM now, I have gotten the evening service PowerPoint done and am getting ready to start typing the radio message from Friday. PM has to get the morning service notes to me yet so I can get the PowerPoint typed up for that and then we'll have to meet to go over them. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight...the last few nights it's been pretty late with K on vacation and me finally having a couple days off!
I'm kind of sad to see the month coming to an end...I have enjoyed writing more. Hopefully I can long as I don't bore you all to death haha! If I slack off again you have permission to email and scold me haha!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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