Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, I really got lost didn't I?! Obviously I didn't do so well with NaBloPoMo, I think I did make it farther than I did last year, but unlike last year I want to try to keep blogging...maybe not every day, but at least a few times a week and keep up with you all. It has been alot of fun "reconnecting" with some of you!

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year. We went to my parents house for a bit and then to some of our "adopted" grandparents for a few hours in the afternoon. PM and C and their family were out of town and we were all missing them...we usually all get together at either their house or A and A's place and they were all gone. It was quite strange!

We didn't get up very early and head out, but we did take advantage of some Black Friday shopping. K got a printer for PM's office that he had been watching. I bought a few Christmas gifts.

Last night after researching some settings we went out on a drive taking some pictures of Christmas lights decorating some houses and the courthouse here in town. Quite odd considering it was pouring rain! I think we did get some nice shots though. I can't wait to go again and get some shots with snow on the ground! I'll share some of the pictures I did get soon.

It is snowing a bit today. It's not really amounting to much, just a dusting but you can see it in the air and just a bit on the ground. I've pulled out the Christmas music too. It's beggining to feel like the Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here I was doing so well and then I realized that I missed writing yesterday! Well, I guess it is farther than I got last year, so that's something. But I really had hopes of finishing out NaBloPoMo with a post for every day!

Anyway...yesterday was my Friday so I slept in this morning. After a shower and checking email A called and we were off to work on a little surprise project for some friends. While we were working I got a text message that they were letting school out at 1:15 due to weather. At the time we couldn't see why, but as the afternoon went on we understood. It started raining and because it was only about 32 degrees it started freezing and the wind picked up a bit too.

Thankfully we have no where to go tonight, and only across town tomorrow so it doesn't effect us too much, but hopefully those who do have to travel are safe!

I found the cutest etsy shop today! This lady makes what she calls Lens Pets. She takes new hair scrunchies and uses felt and buttons and makes little animals and other creatures to put around the lens of your camera so the little kiddos have something to look at rather than just saying smile for the camera! She can add jingle bells, squeakers, or a music button too! K looked at them and said they were cute, but he thought I could make my own cheaper....hers are around $15. Well, we had to run some errands this afternoon and we picked up some scrunchies, pom poms, and some craft foam for me to try to make my own. Mine are a bit different than hers, but they will work....and so far I've made two for about the price of one of hers...and I still have ten scrunchies and lots of foam left to make more. I've made an airplane and I'm in the middle of a penguin.

Otherwise my day was pretty uneventful. Hope you are able to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends tomorrow! Anyone going shopping bright and early on Friday?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ahhhhh! It was definately one of those days today and I am SO glad it's over! Little Miss slept for all of a half an hour total today and was cranky. But of course she was as happy as a clam when K got home.

A called and was called into work so I had to pick up the three boys after school, K was supposed to be off work at 2:30 and it would be no problem. But of course that didn't happen and I had to call the school and ask if they could go to the after school program for a half hour until K got off work and I could get there. They were very kind about it and I got them and Little Miss was very excited to see them and they all played very well but it was very LOUD! Bug sang quite a few songs for us, at the top of his lungs of course.

One funny moment, Bug and Tman were jumping on top of L and pretending to fight with him...boys games you know...and Little Miss stopped, her jaw dropped and she started yelling and almost crying. She thought they were really hurting her L! She was very happy to see that he was ok and gave him a big hug!

Well, going to run and try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. Hope you all had a better day than I did!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It was a foggy, drizzly, cold day today. Thankfully no snow, but they say we could get some freezing rain tomorrow. Ick!

Sunday School and church went well this morning, choir sang two specials this morning and then we came home and made Shake and Bake chicken breasts, potatoes, and brownies for lunch and baked a frozen pie for the Pie fellowship after the Praise and Thanksgiving service tonight. As the pie was baking I sat down to watch some You Tube videos and I put my head down on my desk and the next thing I know I'm looking up and a half hour has passed, I had fallen asleep!

The Praise and Thanksgiving Service went very well and some of us were a little teary after some of the peoples praises and thanks when the congregation was offered the chance to share! Lots of yummy pie afterwards and now I'm ready to go upstairs and curl up with my nice warm comforter!

Sooo hope you all enjoyed your weekend and you were able to relax a bit....but now I'm off to bed! Hugs!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh! I almost missed it! It's been a busy day... we slept in a bit, I got a couple phone calls and answered questions about tomorrow's church services,my parents stopped in and wanted me to look up some websites to order checks and check out some used car dearlers in the area, we watched the wedding in Brazil online and had a little "adventure" with A and A, and got our regular work done at church.

I still have to bake a pie for the pie fellowship after our Praise and Thanksgiving Service tomorrow night and of course I still have lots of pictures to edit...I am working on those though, slowly but surely!

I did get the house cleaned but with everything else going on I didn't get any laundry done, or as much typing or picture editing as I'd hoped. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

Hope you all had a good day and were able to relax some!


Friday, November 19, 2010

I realized yesterday that I didn't share the apple dip recipe with you like I had planned! Blond moment! Anyway...here it is: 8oz cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1tsp vanilla Beat with an electric mixer and you're done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy as the kids have been saying haha!

K took another half day off work this afternoon and picked up Chinese for lunch. Beef chow mein with fried rice, crab rangoon, and egg drop soup! Yummy!!

We ran to Alco because we saw that something we had seen and were thinking of using as a photography prop went on sale.

So this guy came home with us! I have quite a few ideas on how to use him! My first thought; how adorable would a baby look snuggled up in his lap?! And a toddler running around him and playing and posing with him?! So sweet! He would do a bit of double duty too. We have a supersize night coming up soon in Awana and he'll come with me as my supersize item.

Then I was off to a friends in a neighboring town to do some more card making. K drove and he went to Wal Mart and got a haircut and a few other necessities we can't get in town.

This is a bit of what we did...the cards with the flowers were made with napkins! Crazy but they turned out so cute! The little snowman with the Do you hear what I hear may be a few of my Christmas cards sent to a few special people this year. Coloring them in takes forever! And then I still have to cut them out and glue them on the cards! Like I don't have enough to do with my "free time" right?! But they are so cute! Someone gave me a little container of this fluffy looking powdery stuff which when I glue it on the lamb, the bunny's tail, and the little pom pom of the snowman's hat makes them look fuzzy and fluffy!
Well, I suppose I'd better get back to work, I have a bit of typing to do for our Praise and Thanksgiving Service Sunday night and four more of the card fronts that I've already stamped to color in...and most likely I'll stamp and color more. And I have to get up tomorrow and get the house cleaned and a few things straightened up so we can watch our friend's wedding in Brazil online!
Hope you all had a great day and you'll be able to relax and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today was my busy day with kiddos. I picked up Bug and his two brothers after school and we made apple dip and I sliced some apples and had snack and then they actually kept themselves busy reading and looking at books. They all did really well, even if Little Miss only had a 45 minute nap!

K surprised me and took the afternoon off work! Little Miss was very happy to see him, hence her short nap! She was in a very good mood for such a short nap, until Mommy came to get her, then she screamed and ran in the other direction! I walked them out to the car and she stopped crying, but started again once Mommy put her in the car and I could hear her calling my name. Little pickle!

I'm off again tomorrow. I have lots to do, laundry and house cleaning of course, but some fun pictures to edit yet and a little bit of typing. I may even get to do a little more stamping and card making in the afternoon!

A friend of ours is getting married this weekend in Brazil. His Mom grew up in our church and they are missionaries in Brazil. We just found out that we will be able to watch the wedding online. We're excited to watch and see the differences in a Brazilain wedding!

Well, I guess I don't have much more...I'll share some more pictures with you soon!

Big hugs!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I haven't shared any pictures in a while so I thought I would share some of my favorites...

A cloth paper doll a friend was cutting out at the Ladies Day Away
What I was working on...a little, not much progress made....at the Ladies Day Away

A 1930s sewing machine one of the ladies brought to the Ladies Day Away. She uses it quite often from the sounds of it. I loved the pattern on the side and took a few shots while she was laying out her quilt.

A 1930s sewing machine one of the ladies brought to the Ladies Day Away. She uses it quite often from the sounds of it. I loved the paatern on the side of the machine and got a few shots while she was laying her quilt out. Hubby brought out the spray bottle and I had fun shooting the spider out in our bushes...straight out of the camera

This spider was out in our bushes I had alot of fun shooting him straight out of the camera

Fall sunset out my front door straight out of the camera. I know there's alot going on with the tree branches but I LOVED the color! Straight out of the camera

Mom and Dad at the family photo shoot...Bug looked and said eeeww edited color and lighting

Boys running off some energy at the family photo shoot edited color
and lighting

One of my favorites from the family photo shoots they were turning around to walk towards me and Mom and Dad just naturally looked down at the kiddos edited color and lighting

One from the family photo shoot...edited the color and lighting a bit

Leaves in the lake

Looking downstream at the new trout run at our local lake

The new trout run at our local lake

Hubby and I on one of our photo drives :)

Peek a boo with my little boo

Summer sunset straight out of the camera

Summer sunset over a field near our house straight out of the camera

Summer sunset near our house straight out of the camera

Summer sunset straight out of the camera

Summer sunset over the cornfield straight out of the camera

Snow on the deck the other morning...thankfully it wasn't much and melted quickly!

Fabric paper dolls a friend was cutting out at the Ladies Day Away

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back again! I got more accomplished today! I would feel alot better if I could get caught up with the laundry, but we can't have everything I guess.

Thank you for the sweet messages and hugs after my post yesterday. Today was a bit better, I did sleep well, I promise it's nothing major. Being tired, the weather, and a couple things going on right now just all adding up.

I got one family photo shoot all edited and burned 4 cds and got them out to the family. I have a few more pictures and I'll finish another one! Then just two more to go! Feeling slightly less overwhelmed with it all now too!

Awana tomorrow should be alot of fun! It's crazy hair night! I have my green hair color spray and blue glitter Tinkerbell fairy dust hair glitter stick all ready. I think I may do some random pony tails and then color the pony tails. We'll see how much time I have to get ready!

Well, I'm off to edit a few more pictures and try to get to bed at a decent hour!
Hope you all had a great day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not such a great day today. Nothing major and again, I know some of it I'm being overly sensitive about but just in the midst of things going on I'm just a bit sad. I'm not writing for everyone to ask what's wrong or throw a pity party or whatever...it's just today. I know that alot of it is that I'm overtired and I'm really hoping to get to bed here soon and solve that!

I'm almost done editing one of the family photoshoots and still considering names. My favorite so far is Foggy Creek Photography. I'm not set for sure though. If you have any other suggestions there is still time to share lol!

I know another short nothing much post, one main reason I have a hard time with NaBloPoMo, but it's a post. I promise to get better starting tomorrow and respond to comments as well.

Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It was a pretty quiet day today...especially since we didn't go to bed until midnight or 12:30 Friday or Saturday nights and then got up early both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I bought my ticket to see a local children's theater's play...The Velveteen Rabbit the first week in December. Should be alot of fun! After church K and I were looking to see what movies were on demand and we found the Velveteen Rabbit so you know I had to watch! Ok so I fell asleep about halfway through, but the kids will want to watch it took so I'll get another chance!

It snowed for most of the day today. There was just a bit sticking to the grass...I'm really not ready for the snow to come! My uncle lives just north of Minneapolis and it sounds like they got around 9 inches!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another cold and rainy day today. Good thing my plans for the day involve being inside and sitting at a table and stamping and coloring lol!

Finally got all the laundry put away last night...didn't go to bed until midnight lol but hey, the job is done lol!

Really wishing that I could take work on editing pictures today but that would involve taking the whole desktop computer and the external hard drive. Not so sure that is going to work.

Well, I know this isn't much of a post, but I have to get going...hopefully I will be back with some pictures from the day later!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Not much exciting going on around here. The cold is still hanging on. I feel better each day, but still feel terribly congested first thing in the morning.

M stopped in and gave me a treatment, hopefully that will help the sinuses too!

I slept in since I wasn't working daycare today...then I got up and cleaned the house and did a bit of laundry.

Otherwise I've been typing, typing, and more typing. I didn't even get to work on pictures like I'd hoped. Oh well, I did get alot accomplished. I was listening to the Contemporary Christian Music Choice channel on the tv while I've been typing most of the day....after supper I'm almost afraid to admit it's been the Sounds of the Season Music Choice channel....Christmas music. It just feels like that time of year now. It's colder and rainy. We had some sleet, but no snow yet, thankfully! My two brother in laws that live in Minnesota are complaining about snow!

I was excited to see some pictures from Rebecca Jo's first family photo shoot on facebook tonight! You should go check her out! RJ Photography on facebook! She does great work!

Ladies Day Away at church tomorrow! I'm going to take some stamps and things to make some cards, but I will probably take my latest knitting project or some counted cross stitch along too. Maybe I should take my Sunday School lesson too haha! I will get some pictures of the crafts and things the other ladies are working on.

I may be in for a bit of a change in the Sunday School department. There is an Elders' and Deacons' meeting Sunday night and they are going to have some discussion...one of our teachers would like a break...and they have to either find someone new there is a possibility of me being moved to the 1-3rd graders and N taking our class by himself. I don't mind either way, I just love teaching! And it is an age group that they are pretty self sufficient and a change from daycare so I'm happy either way.

Well, I still hope to get a bit of laundry put away so I better get going.
Love and hugs to you all!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't have alot to say again today and I thought it fitting to share some pictures from the Patriotic Veteran's Banquet last weekend.

Thinking of J especially today as he is in Afghanistan. And a few others we know that will be going soon. And we are so thankful for those who have served or are serving our country. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm so tired after Awana that I almost forgot to stop in and write! It was a good day today, busy, although I can't say I accomplished a whole lot...but the kiddos were in good moods and I'm feeling better. Now if I could just get my voice back.

Not much to write about otherwise...just editing pictures, working, and typing....

It was Awana Fever night at Awana tonight. The kids got double points for their sections they passed and got to put a sticker on their leader. I had 12! C beat me by 2! But our Commander did give us chocolate at the end of the night so I guess all the itching and the pain when they came off was worth it!

Saturday is our Ladies Day Away at church where we all get together and do our crafts and visit and have a group prayer time. We have a good time together. I'm excited, hoping to sit down and make some cards with a friend of ours who is really trying to get me into stamping and card making.

Well, guess that's all I have for now, not exciting, but I can say it counts as a post for NaBloPoMo anyway! lol

Hope you all had a great day!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I really wish that I could kick this sinus cold! I feel fine other than the congestion and then today my voice decided to go!

Little Miss was CRANKY today! Mom said that she woke up early and was fussy at home so I didn't feel so bad, but it did make for a long day.

One of the A's came over and looked at the pictures we shot on Saturday. She laughed at some that we caught and was very gracious about the shots that didn't work out so well too. That made me feel alot better! She said that there are quite a few that she does want copies of!

After posting a bit about my pictures on facebook another friend asked if I do wedding pictures! PANIC! I explained that I was just starting out and she said that was ok, she wanted to look at some of the work I had done and that I had a year to practice! I don't know if I will do it but it's nice to be considered!

After Little Miss left this afternoon A called and asked if we wanted to go out to eat with them and another family of friends. A local restaurant in town has a good special and it was cheaper for us to eat with them and get another special than to order for some of the kids on their own. We had a great time visiting and playing with the kids and had alot of food! I don't think anyone went home hungry! K had ribs, mashed potatoes, and a salad, and I had half a steak (I shared with one of the boys who has quite the hollow leg lately!), some mashed potatoes (shared again with T), and a salad.

During the meal I was talking with J, the Mom of the other family that went along and she volunteered her family for pictures for practice/experience for me. I told her be careful what she wishes for, I'll just have to take her up on that offer!

K paid me for taking her three youngest's school type pictures and her oldest's outdoor senior pictures and with that we are looking to buy the framework and some fabrics for backdrops for indoor shoots.

Well, I better quit babbeling and get to work on typing the song for Awana tomorrow. Hope you all had a great day!

Monday, November 08, 2010

After three doses of the sinus med I am finally starting to feel more human again. I also had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaffeinated Green Tea this morning. It was really good! It felt really good on the throat too!

I had a good morning with the kiddos! Bug told me that they went to Wisconsin Dells and saw some pirates....Pirates of the Carrots and Beans! Haha Pirates of the Carribean ~ Pirates of the Carrots and Beans! He is quite a character. He even told me about the captain and the mateys!

Little Miss is sharing her opinion on what her baby brother should be named too! She gave Mom and Dad one name over the weekend, but when I asked her today she told me he should be named Barney! I told her I didn't think Mommy wanted the baby to be a big purple dinosaur and she laughed!

Don't think we are going to do much tonight, relax after the crazy weekend! Hopefully between loads of laundry I can get some more pictures edited....after this weekend I am WAY behind!

Hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I've gotten some really good ideas for ideas for names for my photography facebook page...still not sure which to choose...so if anyone else has any ideas I would love to hear them!

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and some sinus pressure and I took some allergy meds and things got a bit better but when I woke up this morning my ears had so much pressure. We ran to Wal Mart after church and I picked up some sinus medicine for pressure and congestion and that has helped alot. I also picked up some fabric for some fleece tie blankets...one for Little Miss for Christmas and one for her baby brother (they found out on Friday the new baby is a boy!) when he is born! It is so adorable! The patterned fleece are a pink and blue camo pattern with little baby shoes one them! I got a solid pink and blue for the backside, although the blue looks like it has a little bit of white mixed in there, sort of sky looking. I'll try to get some pictures. I have one other blanket to make too for a friend from church who found out she is having a girl in January after having two boys! Definately had to find some pink for her!

The blankets are sort of a "tradition" at our house. I have one of my own that I love, I have made one for each of the daycare kids for the past four or five years. I think I've made eight or so already.

Well, better keep moving and try to get a few more pictures edited before I crash for the night...hope you all had a great day!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

One photo shoot done for the day! A&A and their three boys took family pictures at the lake just outside of town this morning. Now I have the Veteran's Banquet in about an hour and then some family shots with the B family and then with PM and C after the Banquet.

I'm a bit disappointed with myself with A&A's pictures...it was hard to get everyone with their eyes open and/or not making faces. But there were some cute shots!

I have a few people who have been telling me that I should make a facebook page for my photography...I'm thinking about it...just don't know what I should call my "new business". Any ideas? I'm soooo not good at things like that so any suggestions would be appreciates!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Wow! The day just flew by! Tonight and tomorrow are busy days so I had to get all my typing work done by early tomorrow morning. I finished everything just now and all I have left is my Sunday School lesson! And I can get that done while the hubby is off to the Men's Fellowship Breakfast before my first photo shoot.

The local high school play is this weekend. They are doing Oliver. There are a few kids from church who will be in it so I am going to go with C to see it. Our hubbies aren't interested...it will be a fun girls night out!

Otherwise not much exciting going on around here...I'll let you know how things go tomorrow!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I haven't forgotten to stop here and write, today has been very busy between typing and Little Miss being on again off again Velcro Baby.

We ran to Alco after Little Miss left and I found a new outfit to wear for the Veteran's Patriotic Banquet on Saturday. A nice pair of black pants and a top I can look nice and be comfortable in while I take pictures. Both will also pair nicely with quite a few other things in my closet.

The family photo shoot that was rained out a couple of weeks ago has been rescheduled for Saturday. Panic! I also have a possibility of another family photo shoot after the Banquet Saturday for the speaker and his family who are friends of ours from church. Panic!

Well, it's almost time for Prayer Meeting and I still need to change...not so appealing to show u wearing baby snot!

Hope you all had a great day!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Today's post is a bit of a rant I guess. Just found out that a friend will not be at Awana tonight...says that our theme for the night, kids dress up as a Bible hero, is too close to Halloween, they object to the kids dressing up so they aren't coming. (They are a leader.)

Number one: It's a complete coincidence that this night is coinciding with Halloween so close. And honestly I have no problem with the kids dressing up...we dressed up as Bible characters for our Harvest Party at church, even our Pastor and his wife! And they are dressing up as Bible heros, not like everyone is going to come as ghosts and demons and things. And who says that just because we are Christians we can't have fun and dress up? We have plenty of other "dress up" nights that they have no problem with...pj night, weird hair night, crazy sock night, beach night, aviation night, I could go on and on....why now?

Number two: This same person has no problem going on fun runs and things sponsored by local bars and things...paying entrance fees that go to the bar. But yet in the same breath condemn those who do drink the holier than thou type of attitude.

I really shouldn't be surprised. I've learned that things to some people are black and white, no "gray areas". And if it's something they don't agree with they are very almost angry and judging and condeming about it.

My fear is that this attitude is turning others away from Him....thinking if that's how a Christian acts, talks, thinks, etc that they don't want anything to do with Him. Don't get me wrong I am very strong in my convitions and beliefs, but I do realize that there are some "gray areas" like the Bible says nothing about not drinking alcohol at all but it does speak against drinking to get drunk....and I do have my belief/stand on the issue, but I don't look down upon or judge someone who does not hold the same conviction. I still love them and still maintain a friendship with them. I want my life and the way I live it to speak louder and stronger than my words. I want people to see that I am a Christian and that I love the Lord more than just hear the blah blah blah of my words.

I don't know, I'm just sort of sad and disappointed....

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day two of NaBloPoMo and I'm here again...hopefully I can do it!

Little Miss has decided to try to be Velcro Baby again today. I got nothing done yesterday so I gave her some cuddles but warned her that I'm not going to hold her ALL day.

The hubby and I were cooking last night. We made a cheeseburger cassarole for last night, and browned some hamburger and onions for chili for tonight...I put it and the rest of the ingredients in the slow cooker this morning while Little Miss was eating her breakfast. I'm sure there will be leftovers which will be nice since Little Miss leaves early on Wednesday we can eat before Awana.

Nothing real exciting going on around here...voting tonight and then hopefully a stop to see a friend in the hospital, then some chili and picture editing! Awana tomorrow, prayer meeting on Thursday, and Veteran's Banquet on Saturday. K is doing sound for the banquet and I'm taking pictures. Should be a fun night!

Anyway...I better get going so I can get a few things done before Velcro Baby makes her comeback!

Have a great day!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Finally, a quiet moment to stop in and blog! Little miss must have had quite a night trick or treating last night! She was such a crab first thing in the morning and after taking a morning nap she was in such a better mood! After lunch we are right back to crabby baby again....finally just getting down for an afternoon nap. Being off schedule plus teething is not a good thing for her!

Jen tagged me on her blog...I have to answer her 8 questions then make up 8 questions of my own and tag 8 other friends to participate after that!

So here we go:

1.) What is your perfect weather? I love early fall...just a tiny bit of chill in the air but you can still go out with out a jacket. And the humidity of the summer is not there, the sun shining, just a beautiful day!

2.) Since it's Halloween, what is your favorite candy or fall treat? Definately a Pumpkin Spice Cappucino...closely followed by candy corn, the mix with the little pumpkins in it! Yum!

3.) What is a favorite Halloween memory? Ok my sister in law would KILL me if she knew I was sharing this...but at one of our Harvest parties one of the games was a relay, the one where you had to get dressed in all these oversized clothes and run to the end of the room do something and then run back to where you started and take the oversized clothes off. Well my sister in law was just a kid at at that time, not even a teenager yet, and when it was her turn she did really well, she was ahead and got excited and as she was taking the oversized clothes off the leggings she was wearing came off with them and showed her underwear. My mother in law and I were terrible and although we felt terrible for her we couldn't stop laughing! The poor girl was so embarassed.

4.) What day of the week is your favorite and why? Sunday! I love going to church and worshipping with out church family! Our Pastor is a great teacher and I have been learning so much since we have been going to our church! Our church family is adopted family too...some closer than our "actual" families and I just love to be around them!

5.)What do you splurge on that is just for YOU? Hmm lately I would have to say things that have to do with photography. The friend that I did senior and school pictures for paid me for doing the pictures and we are looking at getting the framework and backdrop fabrics for some pictures. We are trying to decide what size to buy and then lights to light it. Loving it!

6.) What store do you spend the most money? Wow, I don't know...probably Wal Mart. We've done alot of shopping on ebay...probably one of the photo sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish! I don't know.

7.) What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word, Hallelujah? Angels!

8.) It's a perfect day, what are you doing? Sleeping in! Closely followed by taking some pictures, editing them, and maybe a little shopping!

Wow! Good questions! So now for my 8....

1.What is your favorite thing to do to destress at the end of the day?

2. What is your favorite color?

3.If you could travel anywhere; cost, travel, work, etc not a problem...where would you go?

4. What is your favorite singer/group to listen to that you think I should check out?

5.Read any good books lately?

6.What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

7.What is your favorite holiday and why?

8.If you could learn to play any instrument, what would it be?

Now for the 8 people....




I guess I don't have any more...if you want to play along consider yourself invited!

And it's NaBloPoMo again....I've seen alot of you are giving it a shot....well, I'm not going to make any promises, but I'll give it a shot too. Hopefully it will get me back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging agian!

Well, have a great evening everyone!