Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, I really got lost didn't I?! Obviously I didn't do so well with NaBloPoMo, I think I did make it farther than I did last year, but unlike last year I want to try to keep blogging...maybe not every day, but at least a few times a week and keep up with you all. It has been alot of fun "reconnecting" with some of you!

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year. We went to my parents house for a bit and then to some of our "adopted" grandparents for a few hours in the afternoon. PM and C and their family were out of town and we were all missing them...we usually all get together at either their house or A and A's place and they were all gone. It was quite strange!

We didn't get up very early and head out, but we did take advantage of some Black Friday shopping. K got a printer for PM's office that he had been watching. I bought a few Christmas gifts.

Last night after researching some settings we went out on a drive taking some pictures of Christmas lights decorating some houses and the courthouse here in town. Quite odd considering it was pouring rain! I think we did get some nice shots though. I can't wait to go again and get some shots with snow on the ground! I'll share some of the pictures I did get soon.

It is snowing a bit today. It's not really amounting to much, just a dusting but you can see it in the air and just a bit on the ground. I've pulled out the Christmas music too. It's beggining to feel like the Christmas season!


Rebecca Jo said...

That's what I did ... went shopping but didnt fight that early morning Black Friday rush - & STILL got some of the doorbuster deals! SCORE!!!

I'm excited about snow pictures too!

Jen said...

I didn't make it either!! It's actually the first year I DIDN'T make it! I guess I've had a lot of personal things come up and blogging had to take a back seat NaBloPoMo and all!! Glad you had a nice thanksgiving! Hope you keep writing!! I've enjoyed getting a peek into your life!