Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm so tired after Awana that I almost forgot to stop in and write! It was a good day today, busy, although I can't say I accomplished a whole lot...but the kiddos were in good moods and I'm feeling better. Now if I could just get my voice back.

Not much to write about otherwise...just editing pictures, working, and typing....

It was Awana Fever night at Awana tonight. The kids got double points for their sections they passed and got to put a sticker on their leader. I had 12! C beat me by 2! But our Commander did give us chocolate at the end of the night so I guess all the itching and the pain when they came off was worth it!

Saturday is our Ladies Day Away at church where we all get together and do our crafts and visit and have a group prayer time. We have a good time together. I'm excited, hoping to sit down and make some cards with a friend of ours who is really trying to get me into stamping and card making.

Well, guess that's all I have for now, not exciting, but I can say it counts as a post for NaBloPoMo anyway! lol

Hope you all had a great day!

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