Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here I was doing so well and then I realized that I missed writing yesterday! Well, I guess it is farther than I got last year, so that's something. But I really had hopes of finishing out NaBloPoMo with a post for every day!

Anyway...yesterday was my Friday so I slept in this morning. After a shower and checking email A called and we were off to work on a little surprise project for some friends. While we were working I got a text message that they were letting school out at 1:15 due to weather. At the time we couldn't see why, but as the afternoon went on we understood. It started raining and because it was only about 32 degrees it started freezing and the wind picked up a bit too.

Thankfully we have no where to go tonight, and only across town tomorrow so it doesn't effect us too much, but hopefully those who do have to travel are safe!

I found the cutest etsy shop today! This lady makes what she calls Lens Pets. She takes new hair scrunchies and uses felt and buttons and makes little animals and other creatures to put around the lens of your camera so the little kiddos have something to look at rather than just saying smile for the camera! She can add jingle bells, squeakers, or a music button too! K looked at them and said they were cute, but he thought I could make my own cheaper....hers are around $15. Well, we had to run some errands this afternoon and we picked up some scrunchies, pom poms, and some craft foam for me to try to make my own. Mine are a bit different than hers, but they will work....and so far I've made two for about the price of one of hers...and I still have ten scrunchies and lots of foam left to make more. I've made an airplane and I'm in the middle of a penguin.

Otherwise my day was pretty uneventful. Hope you are able to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends tomorrow! Anyone going shopping bright and early on Friday?

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Dani - tkdchick said...

We had freezing rain overnight into Friday morning and our busses were cancelled. So I took advantage of the opportunity and took a sick day since I still had my migraine.