Sunday, November 21, 2010

It was a foggy, drizzly, cold day today. Thankfully no snow, but they say we could get some freezing rain tomorrow. Ick!

Sunday School and church went well this morning, choir sang two specials this morning and then we came home and made Shake and Bake chicken breasts, potatoes, and brownies for lunch and baked a frozen pie for the Pie fellowship after the Praise and Thanksgiving service tonight. As the pie was baking I sat down to watch some You Tube videos and I put my head down on my desk and the next thing I know I'm looking up and a half hour has passed, I had fallen asleep!

The Praise and Thanksgiving Service went very well and some of us were a little teary after some of the peoples praises and thanks when the congregation was offered the chance to share! Lots of yummy pie afterwards and now I'm ready to go upstairs and curl up with my nice warm comforter!

Sooo hope you all enjoyed your weekend and you were able to relax a bit....but now I'm off to bed! Hugs!

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