Friday, October 02, 2009

This is choice number two....this is a difficult decision!! Tell me what you think!


Jen asked about which picture I was going to choose to have enlarged. Right now this is the one that I am thinking about. I am still looking through some more of my cds that I have stored pictures on, but so far haven't found any other picture that call out to be enlarged. I will post any others that I'm thinking about and you can help me decide. What do you think?


Oh my goodness, I can not begin to describe what a wonderful day yesterday was! I had the day off and I slept in a bit and did some work around the house. I headed out to run some errands and I was in and out of the house for most of the day.
One of my stops was at PM and C's house to drop off a check and card for my half of the gift for the the bridal shower that was held at church last night, we were not going to be able to go because one of PM and C's sons had a football game (their boys are like little brothers to us and we follow them to as many games as we can). PM's brother had just arrived from Milwaukee and I had a short visit with him. He has been a great encouragement to me in my photography and has given me alot of great advice, it was great to catch up with him again! He let me borrow a book on composition for the afternoon and K and I were invited back to PM and C's for desssert when I could return the book.
In the meantime we found out that the football game was cancelled so K decided to take me out for supper at the new Mexican restaurant in town, YUM! I checked my emails when we got home and found an email that told me that I had won a giveaway I had entered!!! I won the E.L.F. Cosmetics giveaway over at Extraordinary Mommy!! I couldn't believe it, I have NEVER won a giveaway before!! I really am new to the whole make up scene ( I don't want to make this a "downer" post because I am just so excited, but to explain a bit; my Mom was diagnosed with Guillan Barre syndrome, a rare form of French polio when I was 4 and the years that she would have spent teaching me all of the things a girl should know about make up and things she was relearning to walk again and how to take care of herself and us again. I hate playing that "feel sorry for me card", that is really just not me, but Ihad to put it out there as an explanation of sorts...) so just the thought of winning this giveaway is overwhelming! I am still so excited!
Well to top it all off when we went to PM and C's for dessert and to return the book last night I had also taken along some of the pictures that I had taken. PM's brother wanted to see some of what I had done with my new macro lense and was giving me some more advise on composition when he told me that if I would email him one of my favorite pictures he would blow it up and send it to me so I would be able to hang it on my wall! I was shocked! He is a very accomplished photographer who has been published, does wonderful slideshows of his pictures with music, and has his own show in a gallery coming up this month in Milwaukee and he liked some of my shots and wants to enlarge one for me! Again, I can not tell you how excited I am! I had such a hard time getting to sleep last night! Now I have to dig through my files and find the picture I want to choose....
I really really hope this does not come across wrong in my writing but I was just so excited and wanted to share with you!!!