Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, a day off!

I got up early and got my shower quickly to make sure I would have enough time to run out and get my cappucino from Kwik Star before the kids came...any size is 99 cents right now...can't resist that deal! I was all ready to go with plenty of time get right in and right out and do my morning routine for getting ready for the kids in the morning and no kids....their Mom sends me a text saying she didn't have to work last night so no boys today! I got some laundry done and a few other things around the house figuring I would catch up before the other kids came after school and as I'm checking my email the phone rings and their Mom says that the teacher for one of her classes was gone and she got to come home early so I won't have her kids either! It was a bus stop day with the little neighbor guy so I get the WHOLE DAY off today!! I've finished all the things I hoped to so far and I've put on some Trans-Siberian Orchestra music and I'm getting ready to do a little reading until K comes home.

Our miniature poodle has an appointment at the groomers this afternoon and we have the canned goods that the kids brought to Awana last night to take to the food bank. It sounds like we will be recording our Pastor's radio message for the week at some point tonight too so I am glad to have some of the housework done!

It will be a 6:15 day tomorrow, but I will be done working about 1/1:30...can't complain about that!

Hope you all are enjoying your day!

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Jen said...

Hope you enjoyed your day! I loved having my day off yesterday! I wish every week could be a four day week!!