Friday, April 28, 2006

The cutest thing I have heard today.....Little C running to climb up the slide..." You wanna piece of me slide, huh?" in a low growly voice while shaking his fist at the slide!

Some scarier things I have heard/read between last night and this afternoon...the lady from church who is teaching me to knit was pinned between her car and a door when she was going to pick up a friend to go out for supper last night. She has sixteen stitches in her hand and hurt her knee. The girl who cuts my hair, her husband, and daughter were in the car parallel parking when an older man going at least ten miles over the speed limit hit them essentially totalling their van. The driver's side door was pushed in and unusable...all were a bit bruised and batttered and sore, but are fine thankfully...and Holli getting hit yesterday and spending a fun filled evening the the ER.

I am praying for you all and hope everyone is feeling much better soon!!!!

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