Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things have quieted down around here now. Pastor and family have made it home. Sunday M came down and told me that I didn't have to go in his room and make his bed and clean up, he had already done it. And he had packed all of his things and was ready to go home. He was such a joy to have around...I miss him.
Last night there was no knitting. We had decided last week as my teacher wanted to go and visit a friend.
K's car died, again, so we ended up borrowing a car from A and A Friday when we went over to pick M up after he had some play time with his nephews and having supper with them. Last night since there was no knitting we took it for a drive. It's not a bad car, needs work, but not bad. We call it the Banana Boat. That is M's name for it. I tried to call it the beast on our drive last night and it sputtered as if it was protesting lol! We stopped to say hi to my parents and then after trying unsuccesfully to call his brother and see if he had sent our check in the mail twice we went to bed early.
Lots of fun and excitement!

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