Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Awwww I feel so loved this morning! Monster has told me that she loves me so much, and then told Miss M that she loves her Heidi! Lol of course then she told Miss M that she loved her kids......but that's just Monster ha ha!
Yesterday Monster was quite a stinker and licked the paint off of her hand TWICE while we were painting for art!!!! Thank goodness for non toxic paint! I have a picture of her blue and purple tongue I will post as soon as I download the pictures from the camera. Just lovely. Of course that put an end to the painting for a while.
I was quite frustrated by the end of the afternoon as Monster's Mom didn't come to pick her up until 5:30 and no phone call or anything to say she would be that late.....it hasn't even been a month since I posted that my hours were from 7-5 and this is the third or fourth time this month that she has been late! She may not like me in the end, but I am going to make her sign a contract that states that she will pay me late fees of $5 for every 15 minutes she is late if this happens again. I have my contract written up and printed out, but I want some friends to read over it first and see what they think. See if anything is missing or not what it should be, too strict or whatever. I hate to do it, but we are just so busy that I have to enforce my policy. This is my least favorite part of running my own daycare, that and having to chase down payment. I may just have to say "I'm sorry, but this isn't working out, I think you need to find another daycare for your daughter." but I'm not in a big hurry to do that either.
Let's see....last night was knitting. In all this free time, ha ha, that I have I have decided to start yet another project. I am knitting myself a poncho. I picked up a pattern book on sale at Wal Mart last week and found a fairly easy pattern that I liked the look of in the finished picture. It is still a learning experience for me as I am dealing with yarn over and knit two together in a couple rows and also yarn over and purl two together in a couple other rows. The effect is a lacy look, I love it so far and now that I have gotten the hang of it is fairly easy to do and goes pretty fast. I just need to keep my stitches looser and not so tight or it gets to be a real pain when you are knitting/purling the two together! I am using Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Montana Sky for this. I LOVE it! Again, once I get the pictures downloaded I will post a progress picture. I will try to scan in a picture of the finished poncho from the pattern book and post it so you can have an idea of what I am talking about. If all goes well there are a couple that would be PERFECT for some friends but I am not going to get ahead of myself and make too many plans just yet......
My first official piano recital is Thursday. K won't be there...he is going to a benefit auction with Pastor. It really doesn't bother me. I played one of the songs that I am playing for the recital not too long ago for offeratory in church, and the other he has heard me play at the other church for something or other as well. My songs are Sweet Hour of Prayer and El Shaddai. I think it's more important the he go out and have some guy time and help out the Christian Ranch that this auction will benefit, I just made him promise to bring me something good home ha ha!
Well the girls are ready to color so I guess that's it for now...I promise to have pictures soon!
Big hugs!

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holli said...

You know what - as much as you love the kids, you're running a business and you have a life. I loved Angela when she watched Faith - but she was very clear on the rules and I respected them. I paid whether or not Faith was there - period. You can't afford to give in on everything or people will take advantage of you. That is just sad, but true. sigh. You know, it sucks when people put you in the bad guy position in the first place.