Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A funny from yesterday....Mr C asked if we were going to pick my Mom up(we normally do on Tuesdays as I drop two girls off right next door after school and K and Mom deliver papers on Tuesdays) and after hearing that we weren't groans and says ok. Monster quickly turns around and says..."It's not gonna happen, Mr. C!" I laughed so hard!
Today she blows her nose and looks at me and says EEWWW!
The girls have been getting along so well today! They "cleaned" the table after craft time today. Miss M wanted to get the glue cleaned up herself, so I gave them each a baby wipe and told them to knock themselves out. After the table they cleaned chairs and I'm really not sure what else, but they were having fun, getting along, and being very good, so I let them go! After lunch Miss M scraped her plate into the garbage, helped load her dishes into the dishwasher and then helped Monster do the same. Monster said thank you without being prompted and Miss M told her you're welcome and I just sat back and grinned and tried not to be all teary! I told them how good they were and how grown up and they said thank you and hugged each other!
Some days I just LOVE my job!

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holli said...

Well I for one can attest to how important it is to not hate every second of your job! :)

Hey, Faith will hand me a booger and say "here mommy.. booger!!"

Now THAT is an EWWWWWW!!