Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not much new today....
Monster had NO nap yesterday....stuck her hand in her dirty pants and then smeared it on my carpet....was VERY mouthy and sassy,and refused to listen. Very happy when her Mommy came before five to get her!
Today started out somewhat similar...Monster's Mommy wanted to visit while I was trying to get kids ready and loaded up to take Mr C to school so we could be back to meet Little C. Little C's Mommy pulled up early and that helped to get Monster's Mommy on the move and we took Little C along on the school ride.
Kids were cranky this morning and had troubles getting along and behaving, but they all crashed hard at naptime! Miss M is just waking up after a little over an hour nap and Little C seems to be slowly waking as well. I hope and pray that we are all in better moods after our naps!
Haven't done much knitting today, got the kiddos coloring on some plain paper, then doing a worksheet, outside to run off some energy, and finally watching a bit of tv while I made lunch. Probably won't get much done tonight either as Little A( one of K2's kids and also one of my Sunday School kiddos) has her school program tonight and we are going to go. We went to see J, one of Pastor and C's sons sing last night. WOW what a voice! I am hoping to be able to twist his arm to get him to sing with us for church! He was even chosen for Honor Choir!
Well looks like two of the kiddos are up so the fun begins again.
Big hugs!


holli said...

oh my. hands in dirty pants smeared on carpet. i may spit out the chocolate i was just eating. GAH!!

Heidi said...

Sorry for grossing you out!