Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Holli was playing this game on her blog and I decided to try it out and play too so here is my letter from Holli....the letter C.
1) Christ: Ok I know, I promise not to get all preachy on you here, but it's true. It isn't about religion, it's about relationship. I was lost and but now I am found. I could not do it alone, but Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins and now that I have asked Him into my heart and life I am one of His children and I know I am loved and that I will go to Heaven to be with Him.

2) Church: I have such wonderful friends and adopted family at church I can not express how much they mean to me! These people met me when I was at my absolute worst, coming out of a very dysfunctional church where we had both been hurt tremendously and they have never judged me or anything. They let me have my space when I needed it and still let me know that they were there for me and that they loved me. Yish here come the tears, we can start the sappy music any time now! But honestly, I am so close to some of these people I can not imagine my life without them. They helped me to build up to where I am now, always supportive, giving tough love where it was needed, being there for a shoulder to cry on when I needed them. We found out that one of the families that we are close to is moving this summer and that hit hard....and this has caused me to think even more on how thankful I am for those wonderful people in my life!

3) Choruses: Singing with the Worship Team. Again I can not express how thankful I am for this opportunity. I feel that it has helped me to grow and become more courageous and also helped me to grow in my musical ability. I have branched out and have been singing solos for special music, even though the first time all I could do was pray that I would not stand up there and lose my breakfast before I even sang a note!!!! It has expanded my tastes in music and I really enjoy the experience of singing with the group we have as well as being able to minister through music and hopefully touch someone's heart and help them to find Jesus.

4) Children: A given concidering what I do for a living ha ha! And I tell you that there is nothing better than hearing a child's laughter. It can help to brighten even my darkest of days. I love to see the light in their eyes as they learn something new and how the simplest of things can bring them such joy and excitement.

5) Cell Phones: I don't know how I survived without it before...of course certain people, ie daycare parents, have gotten too used to me having it in my pocket all the time, but that's where the caller id comes in and I just don't answer and let her leave a message. Don't get me's not that I can not be there for her ALL THE TIME. She comes and drops her child off 20-25 minutes early so she can talk, stays for about the same after she comes to pick her up and talks, and then will be on the phone for an hour or two when she calls if I answer and talk. Sometimes I just need some time to myself, or with K, or with the friends I am with, or whatever the situation may be, you know? I also feel alot safer driving in the winter or out of town by myself with it just in case something would happen. I know I would not be stranded and alone if something did happen. It has come in handy for me to help a friend in need as well. Just yesterday K2 got stuck in the road construction traffic and called me to pick up A2 from her school. I was sitting at the other school waiting for my daycare kiddos at the time....without it I would not have been able to run and get her, I would have had no idea.

6) Chocolate: Do I have to explain myself here? Somedays this is all that gets me through! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!

7) CDs: Again, my love of music. There is ALWAYS music in my day. My day starts out with music from my favorite radio station and continues with music in the car as we drive to and from school and while we wait at the school for the kids. I would rather listen to the radio/my mp3/a cd rather than watch tv. It is so hard for me to listen and not sing along if I know the song as well. Music is a must!

8) Cards: I love to make and send cards to people in the mail from the computer as well as send ecards through email. I love being able to brighten someones day with a simple little action and let them know that I was thinking of them and that I care about them. It is something that I can do while working at home while I am working as it is not so easy for me to go and visit someone or meet someone and go out to eat or whatever with the kids and I can still feel as if I am doing something.

9) Chinese Food: I can sum it up in one word. YUM! I love Chinese food! Done in five or ten minutes, full of veggies, cheap lunch specials. You can't get any better than that!

10) C%3$c0: The town that I live in. The town that I did NOT want to move to in the third grade. The town that I HATED going to school in. The town that I could not wait to move away from. The town that I met my husband in. The town that I got married in. The town that I settled down in and enjoy the rural area of, the slow smalltown pace of.

Well, there you have it, my list of things that are important to me that begin with the letter C. Hope I didn't bore you with all my mushiness and such!


holli said...

C was such a great letter for you - it really was!! I can't remember the last time you wrote so much.

That was wonderful, Heidi.. I really enjoyed reading it all.

Why can't I remember your town??? That's going to drive me nuts. Because the town I'm thinking does not match your accent.

Heidi said...

Lol I was worried that it was too much, that I would bore everyone to death!

C. H. Green said...

Enjoyed your blog. Come by and visit me sometime. I love reading other Christian's blogs...other women's blogs, blogs in general. I'm addicted!