Thursday, May 18, 2006

I know that this has been out there for a while now but I am finally getting some time to do it.

I AM: frustrated

I SAID: no to being the new Awana secretary, proud of me aren't you lol....those of you that know me know that I have such a hard time saying no to people

I WANT: another vacation!

I WISH: we had the pool set up in the back yard

I HATE: lying, backstabbing, cranky people

I MISS: being carefree and playing outside in the summer as a child

I FEAR: losing K

I HEAR: Teddy's tags as he walks over to me

I WONDER: which songs we are going to sing in practice tonight

I REGRET: calling to say no to the Awana secretary job rather than emailing

I DANCE: like never!

I SING: with the Worship Team, but really ALL THE TIME! lol

I CRY: when I'm hurt

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as patient as I would like to be

I MADE: the bed lol

I WRITE: to vent and so I will remember events in my life

I CONFUSE: myself!

I NEED: sleep

I SHOULD: go and get changed for prayer meeting and practice......

I START: alot of things

I FINISH: a few


I KNOW: I am going to Heaven when I die

I CAN: dream about a nice easy naptime today so I can catch a little nap too maybe

I CAN'T: actually believe that it will happen

I SEE: the kids playing well together and sharing the little train set

I BLOG: badly lol

I READ: less than I used to

I AM AROUSED BY: ummm pass

I FIND: the weekend to be too far away yet

I LIKE: summer

I LOVE:K! ( and chocolate!)

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