Thursday, April 02, 2009

Finishing projects!

Wow, this week has flown by! Mr. Tater has been a bit clingy and I think that he may be teething...maybe some two year molars...and I have had a couple of big projects that I have been working on for church. I think that both of those projects have come to an end for now. One is for our Awana program. We were looking into buying a new computer program for our recordkeeping which would also give us a contact list with the childrens' pictures to put on a laptop. We have had a couple cases where it would have been very helpful little girl's parents were late picking her up and she wouldn't tell our Commander her name. She finally told me her name, but she had a hard time remembering her last name and she didn't know her new phone number (apparently they had just moved) and we had another situatio where we couldn't get ahold of Mom and Dad and we could have used the emergency contact, but the person with the informational papers had gone home. I printed off 20 pages of reports to show our Commander and with a 30 day trial I started entering information and just today got the order out in the mail to order our subscription key.
The other project was working with a few people so we can get our church website up and running. I have written quite a few emails back and forth between the person who is going to host our website and the person who is now going to put the information up. I now have to burn another cd of pictures for the website and I think my part is done.
I am still working on the hymn book index and trying to catch up again on laundry and printing birthday and anniversary cards for this week but I am seeing an end to it all!
I got off early this afternoon, 4pm!, and found out that I have tomorrow off too! K has the day off and it sounds like we have a couple of errands with PM, but other than that we don't have much planned at all. I like those day!
I have a couple other little things to work on like this week's PowerPoint and hymns, writing a few emails, and looking for some music for PM. Nothing that will take alot of time, but just enough to keep me busy.
Sounds like we will have Chinese for supper and then we are off to prayer meeting tonight.
Hope you all are having a great day!!!

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