Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wonderful day off!!

I had a great day off yesterday! I really didn't get anything accomplished, but it was nice to be out running errands and just hanging out with the hubby and our best friends! We started the day off by sleeping in and just after we had gotten up and around my Dad called and K and my Dad were off to work on the truck that Dad has in our backyard. Just as they finished PM needed K to go and check out a moped that he was thinking of buying...since I had the day off I tagged along and got to visit with a couple people from church who just happened to be uptown at the same time. It was nice to get out and visit with some adults!
After we had lunch with another friend (during which I hopefully stopped some drama from going on, but that's a whole other story....ugh!) K and I went for a nice little drive. We both like to go for drives, but for two very different reasons! K likes to see if he can find new roads and new places to go and see if he can get himself lost. I like to take the camera along and stop along the way and get pictures of flowers or whatever we find along the way.
I got to do a little shopping at a consignment botique that just opened up in town and found a brand new dress and two tops for ten dollars!
About 5:30 PM picked us up and we went for an all you can eat chicken/fish fry in town. It was good! After a quick stop back at the house to drop off one of the boys we were off to do some shopping in a neighboring town. We had a great time! We went to Slumberland Furniture to look at a chair....the most fun was sitting in all of the floor models and checking out all of the different colors and fabrics that they had....I found a couple of comforter sets that I would love to have for my bed too!! After that we were headed to Wal Mart...we met a few people from town and our church while we were there and found some good deals too.
Today I have been catching up with the work that I didn't get done yesterday. K's brother and his two kids stopped for a visit and we are going to go to my parents' house for supper because it is my Dad's birthday today.
They are predicting some more snow and winter weather for us Sunday into Monday. I hope it misses us! I am SO tired of snow!

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