Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I was bored....

Well, my ADD kicked in again and I found a new template to use for my blog. What do you think of it?? I found a few more that I may use later too, but this one is my favorite...the song that plays is one that we do with the Worship Team too. Hopefully it isn't too much of a pain for you all to navigate around with.
I started doing some light weights yesterday with the knee that I hurt skating on Sunday. I did a bit more this morning and I think I over did. It aches, I iced it and took some ibuprofen and that has helped some, but it still bothers me some. Ahh well, could be worse.
Monday night we went and watched BT, MS, and CS play basketball at the Fitness Center. BT played at 6, then her Mom and I had 15 minutes of walking, MS played at 6:30, and CS played at 6:45. They all played really well. I enjoy going and watching the kids play!
Last night I was in bed just vegging and watching tv by 7! I felt like I was dragging all day so I just wanted to relax and do nothing....not something that happens often around here ha ha! I did a bit of reading and watching tv, and we turned the lights out at nine and almost as soon as my head hit that pillow and I pulled the blankets up I was fast asleep. Lol such excitement in my life!
The kids get out of school three hours early today for a teacher inservice. Next Friday there is no school for a teacher compensation day since they will be staying later for parent teacher conferences, and then they have no school on the next Monday for President's Day. I don't ever remember getting that many days off! Too bad I can't get work days off like that!!!
Awana tonight, it is store night and the kids get a piece of wrapped candy for each section they say. Next week is Uncle Chuck night...he is an awesome artist that uses some glow in the dark paint and paints as he teaches the kids a lesson. I saw him for the first time last year and can't wait to see him again this year!
Well guess that's all that is going on in my little quiet corner here.....just wish it would warm up!!!

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