Monday, February 06, 2006

Busy weekend!

This weekend was a fun one, it didn't go exactly as I had planned, but it was a good one anyway.
Saturday I had planned to get up and get going as soon as K got off work and go to Wal Mart to get my hair cut and colored. Well, just as we were heading out the door my Grandma called and wanted us to bring the dogs over to see my cousin's daughter. I groaned but I went (my Grandma and I have our issues~she is very controlling and gets highly upset if I make decisions that she doesn't like.) We had wanted to be there at 11, but finally at 2 we headed out for the half hour drive to get to Wal Mart to get my hair and our shopping done. I get there and find that there is an at least 40 minute wait for me to get in to get my hair done...wouldn't be so bad, but we drove up with my parents and we didn't know if they wanted to hang around that long! They said they were ok with it so we went on with our shopping. It took a good long time for me to get my hair done~base color, highlights, and a trim~and then I had to grab a couple pairs of jeans and finally grab something to eat (I had only had a muffin all day when we were at my Mom and Dad's) I came home and cleaned a bit of the house and made brownies for Sunday afternoon (Super Bowl get together) and got my Sunday School done and then I was out like a light.
Yesterday we went roller skating after church with a group of friends from church. It was alot of fun. I ended up quite sore at the end as on one of the last few laps I was holding one of the little girl's hands and she started to fall and I kept her up, she started going down again and I kept her up, and a third time she started going down and I kept her up again, but the fourth time she started going down and it was just too much, I went down hard on my knee. It was swollen when we got back to the T's house and they gave me some ice and K1( who used to be a sports trainer) had me doing some streatches and things and today actually it feels pretty good. It's a little achey, but otherwise I can bend it, which it hurt to do last night. We all sat around and watche the Super Bowl and ate and played some games for the rest of the night. K and I were home a bit after ten and got started all over again this morning. Lots of fun!

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