Friday, February 17, 2006

Bored again!

Well, as you can see I got bored again and changed the look of my blog. I am enjoying playing with the different looks now that I have figured out how to work with them all.
I got the Precious Moments counted cross stitch pattern book that I won on ebay in the mail today. I love the patterns in it, I am going to have a hard time choosing what to stitch first....well, first I have to finish the one I am working on for my brother in laws wedding, so I guess there is plenty of time to decide. Maybe that is what sparked my Precious Moments look here too.
Little C is here today so his Mom could go and get her cast off. Another family from church came for a visit today too. K wants little T used to other kids and people as he is clingy to Mom and Dad. He did really good today, and I told her that we should schedule another visit, start off slowly, having her here and she and I can talk while he plays to start off getting him used to it before just leaving him.
We are going to go to have supper with Mom tonight for K's birthday. It will probably be an early night, it will probably be the last for the next week or so! Hopefully I can sleep in in the morning too. Hopefully I can get some knitting or stitching time in too.
Well, I need to make a couple phone calls, so I guess that is it for now.
Big hugs!!!

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holli said...

You are way braver than I am - I'm afraid I'll make one wrong move and everything will completely disappear!!

I hope you all have a great dinner with your mom. Sorry to once again miss the phone call.. I was iced in with no phone charger.

One of these days!! I'll surprise you!!