Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snow, snow, snow

It looks like we are in for alot of snow starting late tonight! They are predicting up to a foot or more and blowing snow on top of it. Monster's Mom paid me and said don't count on her coming in tomorrow, and Mr C and Miss M's Mom was concidering taking a sick day as well. K will most likely be staying home if we get that much snow too! For one reason, I don't trust his car on a good day like today, let alone in all that, and number two, because I will have to shovel all this lovely stuff by hand so he can get out there and help, and three, because I may have the day off otherwise, he may as well be home and join me right?
I will get pictures if we get all they say we will......I really hope not, but it sounds like its a sure thing.

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