Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm Crazy!

I decided that my schedule just wasn't full enough! I am now officially a piano student again. I have lessons Tuesday nights with one of the girls from church. I had my first lesson this week and it went pretty well concidering that I haven't played in about three years!
I also started a new counted cross stitch project. I bought a Precious Moments pattern book on ebay and when I saw that it was C's birthday (Pastor's wife) and she collects Precious Moments, but has commented that she doesn't have enough space for the actual things themselves so I thought this would be a good gift for her birthday. It is going pretty quickly, I have stitched an ice cream cone and a hand and got a start on the shirt. It has big blocks of color, no switching colors every couple of stitches, so that helps. I am really enjoying stitching it, unlike the one I am stitching for my brother in law. That one has soooo many color changes! Good thing I have until July to finish it!
The sun is finally out today! I think I must have a solar battery! I get really tired and depressed when it is gray and dark out! I can't wait until Spring! Better yet, Summer!
Guess I don't know much yet, live has been pretty quiet.

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