Monday, June 15, 2009

Back again!

Well, it's over. I had the tooth pulled this morning. The worst thing was hearing the crown pop off when they first started pulling. The dentist said that she expected that to happen, but it was still not something you want to hear when someone is working in your mouth, it was LOUD! I'm not numb anymore, a bit sore, and still bleeding and changing the gauze, but I have definately felt worse! I could use a nap, but hey, that's every day!

Saturday we had a GREAT day! There was a bridal shower in the morning at church, C picked me up with her daughter in law at 9:30 and we all went together. After everyone left from the shower C and I called B, who was having a surprise anniversary party for her parents' 25 anniversary and C and I hung out at the church and helped because some of their kitchen help didn't come on time and they were running behind. We waited for B's parents to arrive and said a quick hello and goodbye and we were off to a Mark Schultz concert! They bought their son tickets for his birthday and they bought us tickets to go too! It was GREAT!! Mark would tell the story about how he came to write the song before he would sing it, very cool to hear, and he had a great sense of humor! If you are ever able to go and see him I highly reccommend it!

Our busiest part of the summer is now over and I hope to begin blogging more regularly again. I know some of you are taking breaks for the summer and because you have alot going on now....I hope we can "reconnect" again and catch up with each other!

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