Monday, April 12, 2010

March 25 Had a little fun with a filter in Photoshop with these malted milk ball eggs
March 26 I couldn't decide if I liked the black and white or color better, so I post both! One of the kids trikes we keep out front.

March 27 Our church had another Ladies Day Away and this was a friend's sewing baskct

March 28 Some berries that were still around after the winter

March 29 It was a bit of a long day, so another picture of my sweet cuddly Teddy bear

March 30 Preparing for Easter this cross was by the pulpit at church. I though it was lovely with the fabric draped over it.

March 31 Some bracelets that were made for the Awana store

April 1 Playing out in the yard! We are so ready for more of this!

April 2 K playing around and I caught him with the mosaic option on my phone

April 3 Getting ready for Easter breakfast at church

April 4 Darth watching everyone run around at Easter dinner

April 5 Popcorn!

April 6 Apples and carmel!

April 7 The lovely sunset outside the church window during Awana! I really wanted to go out and take more pictures, but have responsibilities to take care of.

April 8 Playing with the fish eye/wide angle lens K surprised me with!

April 9 We went for another drive and I took over 100 pictures. This one was one of my favorites!

April 10 Another day, another drive, another 100 pictures!

April 11 Went on a bit of a road trip with K and another friend. Found these by the parking area by the local lake.

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

hmmmm - I can taste the carmel... can just get a spoon & eat it - who needs a healthy apple! :)

I thought the malted milk balls had mold on them at first - haha!!!!

I like both the black & white and the colored one of the tricycle wheel!

The fabric around the cross almost resembles arms being hung up... beautiful!