Tuesday, March 01, 2011

  Wow!  I have to much to tell you!  It was definately a crazy and busy weekend!

  Thursday our boys basketball team was playing in a town about an hour and fifteen minutes away to advance to the next level for the state tournament.  Our plan was as soon as Little Miss left we were going to pick up the three boys Dad and head for the game.  He called later and asked if we had room for another friend...we did and I believe the plan was for us to pick him up at his office which is on the way.

  Well, he went to pick the boys up from the after school program and they couldn't find Bug.  He called to say he was running late, we all thought he was in the bathroom or being a stinker and hiding.  So we waited a bit, I cleaned up a little more around the house and we soon headed out to their house.  Their Dad pulled up to the house ran out of the car to the house and I saw the boys start to open the door and head out too.  K and I were talking and not paying much attention when their Dad came up to the car and said that Bug was still missing!  Panic!

  He left the oldest at home in case someone called and he took off in one direction, we went another, and a man who lives next door to the school and heard what was going on went in a different direction.  We came back by the house to see if he had made his way here somehow and not seeing him we headed for PM and C's house (Bug's Grandparents).  No Bug.  We started driving sidestreets and alleys around their house looking for a little head bobbing down the sidewalk (the snowbanks are so high it is hard to see some of the kiddos even if you are in a car) and thought we had found him for a second only to find that it was someone else.  We joke that we tried to add kidnapping charges trying to grab some innocent little guy!  Can't tell you how hard we were praying that we would find him, and quickly!

  We looked for a half hour to 45 minutes and I FINALLY got the phone call that he had been found.  The little stink pot had gotten bored or something at the after school program and put on his boots, hat, mittens, coat, and backpack and decided to walk to his other Grandparents' house!!!!!  We don't know which route he took but it's at least 1.1 miles for him to walk!  K drove a couple routes after we got back to town from the game and dropped everyone off!

  What bugs me is that when we had gotten the call he had just arrived at the Grandparents' house.  And like I said it is a little over a mile that he had to walk....so how long was he missing and no one noticed.  How did they not notice that he was gone while his two older brothers were still there??

  I am SO thankful that when we walk to the park a couple blocks away I stress that we have to stop at corners and look both ways not once but twice so I know he knows that!  He's never had to walk like that before so we really have no idea what made him decide to do it that day!

  I am MOST THANKFUL that we found him and that he was fine!  He was a very tired little boy though, and was asleep before his Mommy got home from work that night!

  We finally met the boys' Dad and the other friend at the boys' house and headed for the game.  The oldest came along with us too.  He was so sweet, when we were talking about it a bit he said "Dad, when you were out looking, I got down on my knees and prayed!"  Brought tears to my eyes!

  Wednesday night we had two clubbers receive Christ as their Savior!  One of the boys had been talking about it on his ride home with a friend to a neighboring town and the friend's Mom asked if he wanted her to pray with him.  He said no, he wanted to pray with his Awana leader!  That leader is PM and C's son.  I was SO excited and happy for him as well.  I had just been telling C the week before how impressed and proud I was with him as he had given up his men's league basketball with his oldest brother to be an Awana leader.  And basketball is one of his favorite sports, and to play with the men was a big thing for him!  This guy also says that he wants to be a missionary and has gone to Brazil twice now!  He is like a little brother to me (even though he is quite a bit taller than me lol) and I can't help but "brag" about him!  I can't wait to see how the Lord continues to use him!

  Then this morning, I go to check my facebook and find that another little guy, the younger brother of Amanda, who I took senior pictures for, accepted Christ as his Savior this morning!  On Amanda's 18th birthday too!  Wow!

  Friday I didn't have any kiddos so I worked on my file typing for most of the day.  When K came home from work we headed to the church and worked with PM  on a mudding and painting project in the main hallway of the church.  It went alot faster than we thought it would and instead of breaking the painting up into two days like we planned we kept at it and finished up around midnight or 12:30 Saturday morning.  We had some clean up left to do on Saturday but nothing like we thought we would have!  The only problem was one of the tarps we used had a hole and as careful as we thought we had been and cleaning up the spots we found on the carpet as we went along we found a big spot that had dried Saturday afternoon while picking up the tarps.  Most of it came up, but it's still somewhat noticable.  They do want to get new carpet to match the rest of the entryway in there though, so I guess it's not terrible.  It was actually alot of fun, and alot of work, and we definately have some memories after that lol.  Lots of things get quite a bit funnier when it's that late and you are that tired!

  Soo....yesterday  honestly I was dragging a bit and had Bug mostly ready to go to school when the bus came early and she didn't wait long.  When I had gotten Bug all set and got to the door we saw the back of the bus going down the road!  UGH!  So I called his Mom, hated to wake her up, she was sleeping after working the night shift, but she came to get him and took him to school. 

  Hopefully today is a nice quiet day the rest of the day and I can get some more typing done!  Four more things to type and I can get this file folder back to be put in the files again!

  Have a great day everyone!


Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSS... just the idea of a lost child makes my heart race. Praise the Lord Bug was safe! I know you think of all the horrible things that COULD have happened... whew!

YIPEE for new lives in Christ! That's always so exciting!

Brandi said...

Scary! I'm so glad Bug was found and was safe!!! What a day! :)

Heidi said...

I was panicking! Couldn't cry, just kept praying for God's protection and that we would find him...quickly! I think once Mom and Dad talked to him it did scare him a bit too, he doesn't want to talk about it now.

Alice said...
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