Thursday, June 15, 2006

I went in for my two week checkup on my foot yesterday. The Dr. seemed encouraged that the pain was getting better, but wants to continue with things as we have been doing because I still have some pain and quite a bit of swelling. I did talk to him about my feeling quite drugged with the prescription that he had given me before. I told him that I do daycare and it was quite hard to feel so drugged and sleepy and that I had been doing alot of sleeping and just not feeling like myself. He asked if I had some of that medication left and I said yes, because I hadn't taken it Tuesday or Wednesday because I had cramps and didn't think that it was wise to mix the Motrin I was taking with the other med. He asked me how much of the Motrin I was taking (2 pills at 100 mg each) and he told me that he would prescribe me a stronger dose. A few minutes later I am walking out the door with a prescription for 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times daily! I think I am going to stick with the schedule I had before of taking the pills twice a day, maybe even once a day once the pain has gone a bit more. I also have three refills available to me. What we do next is up to me, I can go and see a podiatrist and see what he has to say or we can keep things as they are. Well, since we just got the first round of paperwork for my first Dr. visit and xrays and it looks like we have to pay $130 and we also have to pay for K's tux rental and things for the wedding I think we will be keeping things as they are for now. We are looking into how much the insurance will pay for a podiatrist's visit, my Dad says that they won't pay much if they mark it as a referral, so we'll see.
I am just so glad to be feeling like myself again, not drugged and tired. I would start feeling normal again and then it was time to take another pill. I was quite thankful for the feeling once or twice this last weekend, but for the most part I HATED it! I have to tell you that I can't take the adult doses of Nyquil or Benadryl, the last time I took the adult dose of Nyquil I slept for 18 hours!!! K kept coming up and poking me and making sure that I was still breathing! I think that was part of the problem with this med too. The ibuprofen has been working just fine with the two doses that I have taken so far, as well as helping to take care of the cramps so I think this is a win win situation here.
I am also still struggling with the situation with Monster's Mom. She didn't come until 5:45 to pick up Monster Tuesday night (no phone call no nothing) and said that it may be late the next two nights as well. I reminded her that my policy is that I am done at 5 and she said that I should bring Monster up to KK (the daycare center where she works) at five, but K and I discussed it and I do NOT want to be getting her into that habit that I just drop everything and bring her up there either. Some nights it will be impossible, like tonight I will have L and T and it just will not be physically possible for me to buckle her child up in the car and drive her up there. I know no other daycares that do that either, and this is my job and not my life. I would like to have a life after the work day ends and be able to spend a little time with K before we are off to whatever activity is going on that night, and be able to eat a meal with him before 11pm! I should not have to sit here and wait for her to pick up her daughter anywhere between 2:30 and 6! Not to mention that she shows up between 20-30 minutes early to sit and visit before she actually leaves for work and wants to stay to visit after work the same amount of time; and if we have to speak on the phone for any reason....that's another hour to two at the least usually. I am just about ready to tell her that I can not watch Monster any longer, I just can't take it anymore. She reads whatever is on my computer screen and spends time studying my calendar if she comes over to the computer desk and just generally makes herself at home in my home. She asks to know other families' schedules and makes little comments that just get under my skin. Like last night she was five minutes or so after five (not so bad) and made the comment that she "hoped that I could live with that" and is always complaining about their money troubles but then proceeds to tell me that Monster has satellite tv in her room and how they just bought her new outfits and books, they have four vehicles; one being in collection and a couple other bills being in collection but we can spend money going out and on lots of other things that really aren't necessities. I also hear that she sends her up to her room to her room to eat and watch cartoons (she's 3 and a half) while Mommy folds laundry or does whatever downstairs. She wants me to potty train her, but doesn't work with her at home, wants me to work on giving her a big girl cup and not the sippy but doesn't work on it at home with her and continues to send her with a sippy every day! I can't help her if she won't continue things on at home! URG URG URG URG!!!!!!!!! It's no wonder that she acts up the way she does!
K's brother gets married in one month! The wedding is coming up quickly and they still don't have a pianist! I don't think that B has gotten his measurements for his tux either. I need to get working on the cross stitch that I am making them for part of their gift, there is NO WAY that I will get it done in time for the wedding, but I will tell them that it is coming.
City wide garage sales are this weekend. I took Monster and went to a few. I picked up a couple of sweatshirts with the local school team on them and a little magnetic dry erase board and a nice sweater. I got the kids a couple of games, a stuffed toy, and a couple of books. I'm sure that we will be checking some more out after K gets off work and throughout the weekend as we do enjoy just wandering and seeing what is out there if we get anything or not. The hunt for the deal is part of the fun!
Well, Monster is down for her nap and I need to switch some laundry so I guess that is the end of my complaining for now. Hope you all are having better days!
Big hugs!

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