Friday, June 16, 2006

Today was another great day! Not only do I not feel drugged and depressed, but I have made my official announcement that next fall I will not be making the school run! I talked to A, Pastor's daughter in law, and I will be picking up her three boys( one due the end of the summer here I believe) a couple days a week when she goes back to college, and with an infant it will just be too hard to travel like that. There is a bus that comes close by to pick up kids at the daycare center and Miss M's preschool papers said that a bus was available for pick up and drop off at different daycares so we figure that it won't be much out of their way to come and get Mr. C before school and drop him off as well. That will save me much time and aggrivation (since my car was actually hit while I was parked and waiting for the kids after school one day!) and money in gas, not only running back and forth, but keeping the car running for heat in the winter or cool fall or spring days. And I get to have a baby in the house again! It's been a few years since I have had a little baby around!
This has also been a good excuse for me to go out and find some good deals on the city wide garage sales this weekend! Since I have not had any little babies around for a while I had given most of my tiny baby stuff to my brother in law and sister in law when my nephew and niece were born since I was not using them and they needed them. We have found some good deals, an almost brand new battery operated swing for $5 for A, I have one almost exactly like it (the seat cover is a different pattern) in the basement. I have also gotten a few toys and teethers and things, some baby spoons, and what looks like a handmade little afghan to lay on the floor for the baby, as well as a little baby gym. My Grandma also bought a little baby gym once she heard that I was looking for baby things....I had told her that I already had one, but that's Grandma....oh well! And of course I have found a few things for myself, a couple sweatshirts, a couple t shirts, and a nice sweater as well as some toys, computer games and a couple movies for the older kids.
K took me out for supper tonight. A local restaurant has a Friday night buffet and it makes both of us happy, he can get his fill of meat and potatoes and I can have some of that plus a good salad bar! It is about $20 for both of us to get the buffet and a large Mt. Dew. Not too bad for a couple times a month. A friend of ours works there too so we pick on her while she is working, making sure she is working hard instead of hardly working!
K has to work tomorrow morning, that will give me a bit of time to sleep in, work on some Sunday School, and get a shower before we go out to do some more bargain hunting and possibly to a local perrenial nursery to get some more plants. Like we really need those! I just can't resist after touring the place Sunday afternoon with the ladies from church! I found some plants I just LOVE! One of those is the Gallery Pablo Dahlia, it is gorgeous! I am thinking that there will be a few more plants we will have to come back with as well, but that one is one of my favorites. I will have to take a picture of all the plants we have around the house just to show you all how much we really don't need them, but like I said they are so pretty, and I am really liking the look of the place with all the greenery and pretty blooms around. It really makes it homey!
Practice is tomorrow night too! I LOVE Friday or Saturday night practices! No one is in a hurry to get back home because they have to get up early in the morning(most of the time) and we get to singing different songs, not just the ones we are working on for Sunday morning, and Pastor plays some different things on the piano as well as making up his own songs to sing! It really is alot of fun, and I love spending that time with my extended and adopted family! Alot of times we sit and just visit afterwards as well. Music is just such a huge part of my life that this is all just so comfortable and enjoyable. I believe that Pastor will have a few songs for me to look over as I have not chosen the song that I am going to sing for special music at the end of the month either! I am seriously concidering changing dates with someone, I am just feeling so rushed. Unless Pastor has something that really calls to me anyway......I can't wait for practice!
Well, I need to check out the computer games I got for the kiddos so I guess this is all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend! Big hugs!


holli said...

I remember the posts when you were upset at not being able to sing as much.. now the opposite!! :)

I'm glad you're getting some good rest.. sleeping in - something I can never seem to do lately!!

holli said...

classic car seats? i think you need to add the word verification!